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Westside & Girls Basketball

Anyone working with basketball girls using a Westside template? We have several basketball girls that have just ended their season. We have been using a modified westside template during in-season, concentrating on hamstring and glute dominate movements since girls are usually quad-dominate and are therefore prone to ACL injuries.

Any thoughts on any specialized movements for the girls? Anyone using any movements on a regular basis and getting good results (increased vertical, increased lateral speed, etc.)?

Most of the girls that I work with play all three sports(basketball, volleyball, and softball). I have found the tier system with a few modifications to be the best program for us by far. Also about a year ago We started doing warm up and agility work according to Parisi speed school. At first this was a challenge. Can you imagine explaining to parents why they are not doing static stretches before a game or practice. But they are all believers now. We no longer have a problem with girls that move like…well girls, if you know what I mean and I truelly believe this is due to the warm up.

What does your modified westside template look like for your girls?

[quote]Boss14 wrote:
What does your modified westside template look like for your girls?[/quote]

Just caught your post. I post the template when I get back from Columbus on Monday. Gotta finish packing to leave in the AM.