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Westside FSB

I have not lifted seriously before. About 2 years ago i began lifting but never really got into a routine. I am now looking to improve my build for lacrosse. I am 5’10 and 140 pounds. I came acrose the Westside For Skinny Bastards and think it would be a good routine to get into.

I was wondering if just the routine itself is complete enough for my body or if other exercises are needed. I have been so confused by most of the other workouts and the WFSB makes the most sense to me. All I have is dumbells, barbell, exercise balls, and a bench. Any help is appreciated.


I would follow the KISS principle and do the program as written for at least 8 weeks. Tweak it as needed to suit your needs…or weaknesses. That is what the Westside/Darkside philosophy is all about-keep what works, discard what doesn’t.

Just make sure you don’t make it, keep what you like discard whats tough… recently i’d like to discard reverse hypers lol

haha yeah . . so this routine itself is complete enough? AS a beginner I can just do this and will be working on my whole body?

This is a really good routine to help build strength. I’ve used it and saw a lot of improvements. In fact, I’m going back on it in a couple of weeks.

If you are currently practicing regularly (pre-season or during), it might be a bit much for you since you haven’t worked out much before. You may want to start off with something like Strength Focused Meso-cycle by Chad Waterbury. It will help you develop some good strength and prime your body for something like WSFSB.

If you are in the off-season and have the time to get in some good rest, just go with WSFSB and make sure you rest when you need it. It can take a lot out of you if you do it correctly.

Thanks Arioch, This helped alot. I am gonna try going straight into WFSB because lacrosse season is not for about 6 months. I have a hockey hell week coming up but after that my schedule is pretty relaxing. Thanks for your imput.

No worries. Keep us posted on your results and don’t be afraid to ask questions. So you know, there is another WSFSB thread going on by a guy named jimmyOZ. He asked a lot of questions and got some great answer.

Read through it and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, just ask a question here.