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westside for skinny ?

It looks to me like this program recommends only 3-4 workouts a week for someone who is only training for strength and hypertrophy (ie not for any other particular athletic abilities). Is this correct? Or does everything shift forward a little with the first “Monday” workout becoming a Sunday workout or something once the 3rd workout of the first week is done?

The typical “Westside” routine calls for 4 workouts/week, with some extra, very short workouts thrown in as time allows. As modified for athletes who are not involved in a strength sport, it may include only one leg workout, to allow for the fact that these guys are going to run (or swim or cycle or wrestle or whatever) from everlasting to everlasting. For strength athletes and bodybuilders, you can add a second leg workout, with one caveat: only one of the leg workouts can include “max effort” (heavy, low-rep, high-intensity) work. The other should be built around either speed/power work (typically, low-box squats for many sets of doubles, with 30-60 sec. between sets, using 60-70% of 1-rep max) or relatively light, high-volume bodybuilding sets. In either case, include assistance work for your weak points, in the range of 6-12 reps. These are supposed to be fairly short workouts: don’t do a dozen sets for each and every muscle group you can find.
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I have a second question: What is meant by “work up to a max set of 3-5 reps” exactly? Should I be doing something like 3 sets of lower weight at between 50% and 70% intensity working up to only one set of actually working hard? Or should I be doing a few sets at 90% and 1 at 100% or what? Please give me an example of what is intended.

In response to your second question, there is another thread that answers this question for you. Just perform a search and you should find your answer in no time.