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Westside for Skinny Stew

I figured why the hell not! I’ve been lifting on and off for three years with most of my results coming in the form of the 50 lbs I lost three years ago. Since then its the same 180 lbs every single morning. So I’ve decided to start a brand new program, and actually pay attention to what I eat. I started Westside last Monday and I love it. I decided to start this log to get any tips, motivation, or to have someone tell me I’m an asshole and doing something completely wrong.

 I started this thing at 183 lbs and would like to hit at least 200 lbs.  I am currently eating about 3500-4000 cal/per day of clean stuff, and the only supplements I take are fish oil and whey.  My daily food is usually something like this: (todays actual eating)

Wake up 7:45- Whey with whole milk
Breakfast 9:30- 4 eggs, slice whole wheat, 2 tbsp Natty PB
Snack 12- 1 cup oats, 1 scoop whey, 1 cup blueberries
lunch 3-2 chicken breasts, 1 cup spinach, 1 tomato, 1.5 tbsp Olive Oil
Snack 4:30- 2 ounces almonds, cup of whole milk
Pre W/O- 2 scoops cyto carb/whey/h20
Post W/O-same as Pre
Dinner around 9- 7 oz salmon, 1 cup broccoli
Bed 11:30-Cup of Cottage Cheese

I will post tonight’s workout when I return from the gym. As I just started WS4SB last week, I will say after Wed’s leg workout I could barely walk until Sunday, so I’m excited to do that again!

I got stuck working way late last night, but I did get my second leg workout in first thing this morning. I know it’s not a huge number but for a guy who was always a little afraid of lifting heavy weights for fear of getting pinned or not being able to do it, I squatted 215 for 3 sets of 3.

This beat my PR by about 20 lbs so I know I’ve been holding back in the gym and I refuse to let myself do that anymore. It felt good for about 15 seconds and then I immediately started preparing for the next leg workout to hit 225. I also upped my reverse Lunge weight 20 lbs since last week too.

W/O went like this:
Squats- 1/10/135, 1/8/175, 1/8/195, 3/3/215
Reverse Lunge- 4/10/80
Back Ext- 4/10/25 lb plate
Hanging Leg Raise-4/15

My food intake was thrown off a little last night, I still ate the salmon and CC, but I didn’t have Pre/Post W/O shakes until this morning. I did have a shake with whole Milk, 1 tbsp PB, 1.5 scoops whey about 6 pm while I was at work. Also I didn’t get to take my first pic but I will tonight.

Looks like pretty good work so far. I’m pretty new, but FWIW, I think you’re stuff is looking pretty good.

You’re eating very well! You will HAVE to keep that up if you want to put on 20 lbs, and you might even consider going a little more.

I did notice that you don’t count grams of protein. You might want to start doing that. Some say you need at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, but it seems the conventional wisdom around here is at least 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of bodyweight. With the salmon, CC, and whey, I’d be really surprised if you weren’t at or over what you need.

Good job. Keep it up. Take some before pics so you can compare in 6 months. You won’t recognize yourself. . .

Thanks for the encouragement, and speaking of eating very well I am about to dig into my cheat meal for the week.

Breakfast-4 eggs/2 slices whole wheat/2 tbsp PB
Snack-2 oz Almonds/Glass of whole milk
Cheat Meal-3 slices pizza with Chicken topping
Snack-2 oz. cheese/apple
Dinner #1-I have some grilled chicken breast that I will put onto a huge bowl of spinach and drizzle Olive Oil
Dinner #2- Rest of Chicken breast with grilled asparagus and portobello mushrooms
Bed Time-Shake with Whey, milk, cc, pb

10 g of fish oil throughout the day

I got home last night and ran some sprints. I did 8 rounds of suicide runs, holy hell did they hurt. Day off today but I can’t stand not doing anything so I may bang out some pullups or pushups or something. I do have one question regarding WS4SB. How often should I change up my workout in terms of movements, or should I stick with the same thing for a month or two then switch them up?

I’m going to keep logging my food intake here as well, it makes it easier for me:

Wake up-1 scoop whey/h20
Breakfast-4 eggs/whole wheat english muffin/2tbsp PB

Pretty simple weekend, Saturday was repitition day upper body, and I forgot my log book at home this so I can’t remember the specifics of the workout. I felt great after leaving the gym! Eating was good except on Sunday I was out on the golf course most of the day and could only eat a couple burgers while I was out. This morning I couldn’t get my ass out of bed so I will hit the gym tonight and do my max effort upper body w/o.

Today was good in terms of eating, according to fitday I was at 3000 kcals or so when I left work. Since then I’ve had a post W/O shake of just whey and h2o, then I ate a big serving of Barilla Plus pasta with sauce made with a extra lean ground beef and a whole zucchini.

Lifting was Max-effort upper body:

Incline Bench:1/10/95 1/8/135 3/5/140
I feel like I could have done more but I wasn’t sure about overdoing it without somebody to spot me, there was no one in the free weight area.
Flat DB Bench: 4/10/100 (50 lb. DB)
by the time I was done with these my chest was on fire but it felt great.
Seated cable row:4/12/90
Standing Face Pull: 4/10/60 I’m new at these so pretty much just focusing on form and getting used to the movement
Hanging Leg Raise: 4/15

I haven’t noticed really any difference yet looks wise but I can tell that I am getting stronger and my numbers are going up. I took some pics last night and will post them tomorrow.

Before I go to bed I’ll put down a shake made from Whey, whole milk, and cottaqge cheese.

Alright here is my before picture, its not much to look at it but I think it’ll help me realize the changes since I see myself everyday.

Back side

I’m dumb here is the back pic

Food today so far is as follows:
Breakfast- 4 eggs/WW English Muffin/3 pc bacon/1 slice provolone
Meal #2- Some leftover dinner and 1 oz Almonds
Meal #3-8 oz Salmon and grilled zucchini

Rest of the night looks like this:

Meal #4-2 piece Turkey Sausage with some spinach/Olive Oil
Not sure whats after that.

I’m thinking of adding some sledgehammer stuff and maybe some tire flipping on one of my off days, since my W/O routine is only 3 days a week. I’m not sure yet though maybe the rest will benefit me more, any input?

Legs W/O last night:

Back Squats:1/10/135, 1/8/185, 5/3/205
Next workout I think I’ll bump up to 215, I wanted to be sure I could hit all reps at 205 with good form, which I did. It helps when I don’t go to the gym at 6 am. I feel much stronger at 6pm.
Reverse Lunge: 4/10/80 I threw in an extra set for fun
Romanian Deads: 4/10/185 I hadn’t done deads in quite a while, I’m a little sore today.

I did an ab circuit made up of 4 pt planks, side planks, and hanging leg raises, I ran thru it 3 times. I was pretty gassed after this workout. I def feel much stronger in just the short 2 weeks I’ve been on this program.

Food was good yesterday, I found out that a guy I work with has a friend who runs a farm, so I got a sample of the all natural grass fed beef last night. He brought me in a pack of about 16 burgers and holy hell the difference in taste is fantastical. I took in about 3900 calories total yesterday.

Well I am officially a dip shit, I tool Friday and Saturday as the reccomended days off, thinking I’d hit the gym real hard on Sunday. Only to show up at the gym Sunday around 11 am to remember that my gym is closed on Sundays until Labor Day. I honestly can’t figure out why I forgot that but I did. So I guess I’ll have to wait until tonight after work to go. Eating has been spot on all weekend except for the Chocolate Chip Pancake I ate at breakfast yesterday morning.

Last night at the gym was fan friggin tastic, it was repitition day.

Flat Bench as many reps as possible @135: 3 sets of 20/20/18 I was hurting after this but in a good way.

Rope Push Downs: 4/10/80

DB Shoulder Press: 4/10/40lb DBs

Pullups: 4/8

DB Curls 3/10/30lb DBs

Ab Circuit: Hanging leg raise, side bridge, and supermans. Three rounds.

I literally walked out of the gym and felt like the skin on my arms was going to split open. I felt great and can really feel the difference in just 2.5 weeks. I’m thinking about waiting one more week to take new pictures though.

Eating has been real good, at first it was such a hassle to eat enough to get to around 4,000 calories. Now if I don’t get a meal in me every 2.5 hours I’m ready to eat my arm off. This experience so far has been great and I look forward to bettering myself everyday.

Max Effort upper body last night: It was tough, I almost felt weaker than I have in weeks, hopefully it was just one of those days where I didn’t have it. I did make it through the whole workout though. Eating has been good, before my w/o last night I had a softball game and couldn’t eat real food so I had to rely on a MRP which is propbably why I was a little off in the gym. Oh well back at tomorrow with legs!

nice log so far. i just started one this week, using westside for skinny bastards. will be interesting to see how we both progress.

good luck, keep up the hard work