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Westside for Skinny Lakkhamu

Repetition Upper Body: 08.05.11

Guess what?

Pre-workout meal: 2 hard boiled eggs, 3 slices of bread one with peanut butter one with butter spread and one plain

Bench Press:
11,7,6 x 60kg
2 minutes rest. A little bit improvement here. Was not as demanding as this was before but only one rep more.

Barbell Rows/Rear Delt Raises:
67.5kg/8kg x 3 x 10/10
2 minutes rest. The rows were easy while the delt raises kinda sucked… Again.

Seated Dumbbell Press:;
3 x 8 x 20kg
1.30-2.30 minutes rest. The first set was easy, the second set was a big “meh” while the third set became a 75 degree incline press at the end. Still though no reps missed.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls/Triceps Pushdowns:
12kg/25kg x 3 x 9/8.
1.30-2 minutes rest. The pushdowns felt easier this time and the curls were improved as well.

Weighted Crunches/Dumbbell Side Bends:
5kg/24kg x 3 x 12/10
1.30-2 minutes rest. Nothing different than before, but the grip was easier this time even though the rows had fatigued them earlier.

Post-workout meal: 1 liter milk.

Max Effort Upper Body: 11.05.11

No comment.

Pre-workout meal: Grilled chicken, white rice

Bench Press:
3 x 62.5kg
3 x 67.5kg
3 x 75kg (PR)
2-4 minutes rest. They felt easy. The last rep of that final set was a bit grinded but no problem otherwise.

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press:
24kg x 3 x 8
2-2.30 minutes rest. Too easy.

One Arm Dumbbell Rows/Incline Rear Delt Raises:
26kg/6kg x 3 x 10/8
2-2.30 minutes rest. The incline raises were hellish once more yet the rows were a breeze.

Barbell Curls:
25kg x 3 x 8
1.30-2 minutes rest. At last, I could do almost every rep with moderately strict form except for the very last ones. I still consider this as a success though.

Abs Circuit:
Leg Raise/Crunch/Reverse Crunch/Bicycle Crunch: 10/10/10/20
1-1.30 minutes rest. Copy pasted shit. Nothing to comment on here.

Post-Workout meal: 1 liter milk.

Max Effort Lower Body: 13.05.11

At last, one entry is punctual.

Pre-workout meal: A traditional Turkish meal (Dolma). Not the most healthy option but a meal is a meal.

3 x 102.5kg
3 x 107.5kg
3 x 115kg (PR)
2-3.30 minutes rest. Every set was so easy that I actually thought I put the weights wrong. The only challenge whatsoever was the lockout of the final set. I seem to suck at it.

Hang Cleans:
1 x 60kg
2 x 3 x 50kg
2 minutes rest. 60 kilos seemed too much for me so I did 2 triples with 50. They felt a bit… Unnatural. Technique needs improve.

Back Extensions:
3 x 10 x 20kg plate
2-2.30 minutes rest. These have become somewhat easy but I can’t find a way to increase the weight. I can’t just go for the 5kg plates and both the 1.25 and the 2.5 kilo ones are impossible to grip alongside the 20kg. Any tips, if anyone ever reads this?

Dumbbell Shrugs/Dumbbell Static Holds:
38kg/38kg x 3 x 10/10s
1.30-2 minutes rest. Both movements were hard but the holds take the glory of being the hardest exercise of today. They literally were slipping out of my hands and I gave a lot of sweat to keep them there.

Post-workout meal (Now eating it): 1 liter milk, some cake, strawberries