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Westside For Skinny Bastards?

I am trying to lose some bodyfat about 6% and was wondering if a program like westside for skinny bastards would be to taxing.
I know muscle recovery is individual but, would the program be to much while on a diet like t-dawg 2.0?
If so what would be a good program while on t-dawg 2.0?

Well I think you’d be fine with WS4SB dependent on how much of the extra work you do. That program is built with it in mind the athelete will be doing a ton of conditioning and skill work aside from the lifting.

So do the program and add the other as you can feel it out and see how you do. Any program that has worked for you or solid program will work Its just a matter of recovery and listing to your body during a hypocaloric diet.


It would be a great program, low/moderate volume high intensity work is great for keeping muscle while trying to lose fat.