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Westside For Skinny Bastards

Help me out guys, Im a begginer and barely have worked out, Im in season but I want to gain muscle mass. I have about 1 -2 practices a week and on fri - sat 2 -3 games. I want to do defrancos skinny bastards program on monday wed fri. Im wondering if it would be wise to do it inseason, and if its ok for a begginer to do this to gain mass? And also could you please inform me on how to warm up for a max lift. it says work up to 3 - 5 reps. could someone just post a example of weights and reps i would use to warm up. Is this good for becoming more explosive too? like jumoing and speed? if not what can i do with this to become more explosvive ! thanks!!!

If I were you I would first read over Westside for Skinny Bastards again. A lot of your questions are answered in the article. I still look at it for further references and I have been on it for about 5 months.

But anyway, to answer your questions it would help to get an idea of your training level, size, etc. I myself was a 6’3’’ sub-160 lb. skinny bastard (at the exremem lowest, but still that is friggin skinny) who couldn’t lift crap. After breaking into more heavy lifting and then finding this site for help on dieting, in the last 3 months I feel I have been relatively dialed in (still did not eat enough)and am now 185 making CONSIDERABLE gains on all my lifts especially the deadlift, and am making even better gains currently. So yes I would say it works!

I no longer play organized sports, so I don’t know from experience, but it is specifically designed to mold around your schedule. The one dude w/ the 40+ inch. vert. that was on it played basketball 6 days a week while on it and he still made incredible gains. In season is why Defranco prescribes only one leg day, and in the off season you can add a 2nd leg day of sled draggin, or a modified rep leg day.

In terms of warmup, it is hard to say b/c I don’t have your numbers but for deadlifts I usually go like
1 45 lbs. 12
2 95 lbs. 8
3 115 lbs. 5
4 135 lbs. 5
5 185 lbs. 5
6 225 lbs. 5
7 275 lbs. 3
MAX 295 lbs. 3

I may be a little off on this, but I’m sure someone here can help you further with this. Also, keep in mind, do not worry about the weight you start with, concentrate on form on every single rep no matter how little the weight, and it only matters how much weight you finish with!

As long as you eat a clean diet consisting of low-glycemic carbs (basically non-processed foods low in sugar), healthy fats, and lean protein you will not gain hindering fat.

By getting bigger, and stronger, especially if you are a skinny bastard, will lead to more strength and power. I am considerably faster, and jump a whole lot higher since gaining the weight. Plus speed days, and oly lifts don’t really accomplish much with out a base.

Overall, I think it’s a great program, and I only wish I had this knowledge back when I was in high school, I think I could have gone from a D-3 calibre lacrosse player to a D-1 player, and just an absolute freak on the basketball court. If you have any more questions I wouldn’t mind answering them, and I’m sure the more experienced crew here can elaborate further. Also, it’s never a bad idea to browse through past Ask Joe’s because the guy knows his stuff (hence being on the staff here, and turning so many athletes into freaks of nature on the field).

yea man appreciate your help man. Have you seen Joe Defrancos 6 week Vert program?

This is to be done monday thursday. But do you think there is any way i can mix this two day leg routine with the upper body of Skinny Bastards. Or do you think it is better to do the original skinny bastard program and do the vert program after? Is it a good idea to mix the two inseason? peep that link up there and tell me what you think if it could mix in good and let me kno how i would set it up days wise. As you can see im a begginer.

I would stick with the original foremat for now and when you build your desires mass ans strength levels move into the vert program. It may not be wise to try and do too much while in season. BTW I have stuck with this program for 2 months and was 170 when I started and know with proper nutrition am at 183 lbs. It is very effective!!

I would say to stick on the Westside for Skinny Bastards format until you pack on some signifigant size and strength. I myself am going to stay on it until my bench gets to about 300, and my squat and deadlift to about 400, and my weight to 200-220 lbs. These are just some guidelines in the back of my mind, and considering you may not want to gain that much mass you could go on it sooner.

I would definitely not go on that 6 week program during your season. The biggest thing about inseason training is to keep your size and strength. If you are inexperienced you can signifigantly improve that area but blasting your central nervous system twice a week on the vert. program would be detrimental to your play, and with practice and games would be overtraining.

My advice would be to stay on the Skinny Bastards program for a while, and build up a solid base, and maybe 6 weeks before next years tryouts or season go on the vert. program. That way you will be peaking at the right times.

In terms of upper body days with the vert. program you can just continue with the Skinny Bastards program, or if you feel advanced enough maybe get into more of a typical Westside template with a Max Effort day, and a speed day. Also, for more information on Westside templates, box squats, posterior chain talk, and the like elitefts.com is also a very good site. Good Luck and train like an animal!

Thanks alot for the help guys. Im 5"9 150, im not skinny but i dont have much as much muscle mass as i would like. I will keep you guys updated!


I am going to try this program after I am done with the semester.

I too want to get up to a 300 pound bench - 450 squat - 400-450 deadlift.

What was your diet like overall? Did you do any extra cadio on the side now that you aren’t competing?

While I’ve been trying to gain, the major thing I have noticed was if I started gaining too much, I would cut back and try to cut the fat off. This is NOT the thing to do. It cost me a whole lot of muscle mass and strength in the weight room over the summer.

Once I got to college I really got back into it but had another pointless little cutting period that really did not hurt me but certainly did not help.

Now I feel I have got a pretty revised diet. I mix Protein and Carbs in the morning, have a post workout shake ), mix Protein and fat at night, and whenever I need more protein there is protein powder. I was not really eating enough before but now I basically try to eat as much “clean” food every 2-3 hrs. as I can and have gained 10 lbs. of lean muscle over the last couple of weeks.

Basically, if you feel you are gaining extra fat, just try to really refine your diet even more, but do not stop eating a lot. I have picked it up a notch lately and am eating a whole lot since I feel I have not been gaining too much fat. For more info on eating to get big just read any John Berardi article, he really knows his stuff.

Typical food choices is oatmeal, peanut butter, chicken, tuna, cottage cheese, fruit, vegetables, almonds, protein shakes and lots of it. I also supplement some fish oils, and flax seed oil in there, and take 5 g of L-Tyrosin before workouts.

All of this information can be found more indepth in so many articles on this site so just browse arhives, especcially JB.

Also, in regards to cardio. I may add some cardio days in my cutting period whenever that arrives (probably in the summer or whenever I get to 220 lean), but as of now no cardio whatsoever. Cardio and major size/strength gains do not mix.

I do participate in IM sports every quarter, and play plenty of pick up basketball though. From these it really helps to not feel like you are just getting big, fat and slow, but even if I go a while without playing any sports it does not make too much of a difference.

I think you should wait till the offseason, I don’t think this would have a good effect on your game…

well i jus read over the article again and I think its designed for inseason. And if your doing it in the offseason you should add another leg day. Also before i begin this should i figure out my max lifts? And I have protein powder and glutamine powder. should i have a protein shake before and after my workout or how should i do it? and during my workouts i usally drink gatorade.