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Westside for Skinny Bastards


I like how the program looks, but I have some questions about it.

  1. How often should I rotate ME exercises? 2 or 3 weeks sounds about right? I'm not sure.

  2. How much reps should I shoot for on the first set of te repetition day.

  3. How often should I rotate the assistance exercises, 4 to 6 weeks sound right?

  4. With the assistance exercises, can I superset them, for example, on ME day superset dumbell bench presses rest 60 sec. then rows. This would be usefull as a way to shorten workouts.

Thanks for your posts.


Defranco says to pick a weight for the upper body repetition day that you could do between 20-35 times on the first set.

I rotate assistance exercises every week , but I have a short attention span.

The workouts have been taking me less than 50 minutes.


Man, I switch M.E. exercises every week. If you are a beginner, you could go 2-3, but I have found that even for a beginner, it is just as productive and fun to switch them every week. We use 3 week blocks for assistance movements and we even do some intra-block variation with exercises sometimes. The key is to use those exercises, get the most out of them and then change to something else to spur your training, the wider variety of exercises you have, the better.


For beginners, switch ME exercises every 2-3 weeks. The reason being that switching every week, you never really get good at anything. Now if you still want to switch more often, have a week using chains and one with not. For example, 14" box squat working up to 405, then add a chain each set until you can't anymore. The next week just do straight weight.

I like to switch up my assistance exercises either everytime I switch ME or every two ME exercises. Even then you can go GHR, but put a different variation in every one or two weeks. Then completely switch to goodmornings after four weeks.


i did the repetition upper body on saturday (as an experiment)
I liked the workout. It took me like 45 minutes to finish.
I did dumbell presses on a flat bench, the reps where
26reps 60sec rest
10reps 60sec rest
7 reps 60sec rest

I feel that the jump from set one to set two is huge, is something wrong there, or is that normal?


ihave just recently started this program too,was just wondering on the max effort lift and he says work up to max set of whatever...how do u work up to it?pyramid it?do a couple of warm up sets?wat does everyone else do?and have most people added their own exercises aswell?because i can do it in 30-45mins so was wondering whether to maybe do 2 exercises for a couple of the lifts?reply on the thread or pm me,any help greatly appreciated


Say you bench 225x3 max work up like this

65x 5
95x 3
135x 3
165x 3
195x 3
215x 3
try 230x3


If you are only taking 1 min. rest you will have a big drop off. Does the Westside for Skinny guys call for only 1 min? (Can't remember) Usually the repetition method employed by Westside will call for 4 to 5 minutes rest. I usually go 2 to 3 myself.


Yes the program calls for one min rest for the max reps lift on the rep day, as you are going for muscular endurance.