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Westside for Skinny Bastards


Im not able to workout at an normal gym at this time. I will be working out at my apartment fitness center. Which only has dumbells. What do you guys think about the westside for skinny bastards template and using dumbells only. Can I pack on a decent amount of muscle using weighted dips/Chinups/pullups for my max effort upper body days.

For lower body days using bulgarian squats and leg extensions as my max effort. I am following a paleo diet with whey and milk post workout, sleep is dialed in, will be following the template to a T with one or two days of sprints and a couple walks a week.

7 months ago I started my journey at 244 with crossfit and paleo down to 196. Over all goal to be decently strong and look like a badass come this swimsuit season. Thought, Ideas?


What max weight do these dumbbells go to?


10-50# Last week I worked up to dips with 70# attached.


It should suffice for your upper body. I'm not too sure bulgarian split squats as a main exercise is the best idea, but you gotta do the best you can with what you've got. No possibility of joining a gym?


If I where in youre situation I would have not done a max effort focused program with dbs and bw excercises.

but a lower/upper structure can still work great and you can offcourse use the wsfsb routine as inspiration for have you structure your routine, but I would have gone for higher reps on the main movement than 3-5 thats done on wsfsb on the main movement, maybe something like 6-12reps on the top sett.

So it could look something like this:

day1: upperbody.
main upper excercise: build up to 1 x 6-12reps.
+ assistence based on wsfsb.

day2: lowerbody.
main lower excercise: build up to 1 x 6-12reps.
+ assistence based on wsfsb.

day3: upper.
main upper excercise: 3 x max reps x 70% of training max.
+ assistence based on wsfsb.

Just my 2cents.

Regardless how you solve your training situation I wish you good luck :slightly_smiling:


How do u use leg extensions for 'max effort'? LOL :wink: