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Westside for Skinny Bastards


i got a quick quistion about the Joe DeFranco westside for skinny bastards program.
what does it mean when it says "Work up to a max set of 5 reps",just do one set of ur max weight for 5 reps or what??


If you are going to follow someone's template I would suggest you read the entire article first.

Notes regarding warm-up sets

"Youâ??ll notice that I donâ??t list the number of warm-up sets for your main lift on Max-Effort days or Repetition Upper Body days. Instead, I use the term â??work up.â?? This is because the number of warm-up sets youâ??ll be performing is determined by how strong you are! The stronger you are, the more sets youâ??ll need to reach your max weight. I favor multiple sets of low reps for warming up on Max-Effort Day and just 1 or 2 sets of 6-8 reps before your first exercise on Rep Upper Body Day.

Before you warm up with weights, however, you should be performing a 5-15 minute general warm-up. Make sure you have a light sweat going before getting under the bar.

Hereâ??s an example of â??working upâ?? to a max set of 3 reps in the box squat. Assuming the athleteâ??s goal is to box squat 315 lbs. for 3 reps, a sample warm-up would look something like this:

95 X 5
135 X 5
185 X 3
225 X 3
275 X 3
295 X 3
315 X 3

It should be noted that these warm-up weights are not engraved in stone! Some people like to take bigger jumps and some prefer smaller. YOU must figure out what works best for YOU! The one thing I will suggest is that if you are a weak, skinny bastard, you must make sure youâ??re performing at least 5 total sets for your max-effort exercise. For example, letâ??s say youâ??re going for a 5RM in the box squat and your goal is 185 lbs. Donâ??t just do 95 X 5, 135 X 5 and 185 X 5. Skinny bastards need more volume in order to grow, so make sure you make smaller jumps in weight and get more sets in before your main set."


wow i really should of read the whole article first...thanks