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'Westside For Skinny Bastards'


Hey guys!

Summer's here so I wanna build some muscle/strength, the "Westside for Skinny Bastards" by Joe DeFranco seems to fit my needs and I like it :slightly_smiling: (been training for a few months)

Here's the routine:

Mon â?? max effort upper body

1x5 bb bench press
2x15 incline db bench press
4x12 bb bent over rows
4x10 rear delts
3x8 DB shrugs
4x10 bb curls

Tue- dynamic effort lower body
3x10 DB squats
3x10 leg curl
4x15 leg raises

Thur â?? repetition upper body
3x12 incline db press
4x12 lat pulldowns
4x10 db shoulder press
3x10 DB shrugs
4x10 tri pushdown

Fri-max effort lower body
1x5 deadlifts
3x12 leg press
3x12 leg curls

Waiting for your comments! Thanks. :slightly_smiling:


So, what’s your question?


Bah sorry forgot to type smth.


this and… how does the routine look?


well, for one, it would look better here: