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Westside for Skinny Bastards: Unwanted Weight Loss


Alright, I've been working out with the Westside for Skinny Bastards template for about one and a half months now and have made great strength gains and have not yet plateaued. However, the program is aimed towards gaining weight. The problem: I'm losing weight. My nutrition has not changed a bit since I was doing Max-OT (80kg then in the morning) and I'm still making some good gains in strength so I can't exactly figure out why I lose weight (78.5kg now in the morning). It's most likely fat loss perhaps coupled with minute muscle gains taking into account the gains in strength but what would you advise? Eat more or stay as it is until I start halting in strength gains?

PS my workout log if you figure something is wrong http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/westside_for_skinny_lakkhamu?pageNo=0#4531075

PPS My usual weekday diet
Breakfast (6:10): 2 whole eggs, 2 slices of bread with peanut butter, a large glass of whole milk, a banana, some molasses)

Snack (9:40-10:00): A bar of chocolate + 225 ml whole milk OR 70gr almonds.

Lunch (~12:15): Some kind of meat, carbs, fruit and occasionally a dessert (It's the school meal, can't expect a lot)

Dinner 1 (16:15): Varies. Usually a calorie-dense traditional meal high in everything and mostly a pre-workout meal

(Post-workout meal: 1 liter milk)

Dinner 2 (8:00-8:30): Varies. Usually a protein-rich dinner such as fish, meat or chicken with simple carbs.

Pre-bed: One banana.

My weekend schedule is a bit more different but I try to eat as much protein and as much calories as possible. I have no access to any supplements be it protein powder or creatine or anything else currently, though in summer I'll be allowed to acquire only one and I'm also confused on what to buy.

Judging the above info, what'd you suggest?


Eat WAY more protein/food than you current are man.

"One banana" pre bed? For real?

2 eggs and some toast for breakfast? Honestly?

70 grams of almonds for an entire feeding, or a bar of CHOCOLATE AND SOME MILK? For serious?

This looks NOTHING like what a body builder should be eating to gain weight. As an easy start, add 2 eggs to your breakfast, Change your 10am snack to a 2-3 scoop protein shake (when you get access to it), and add 2 scoops of protein to your post workout milk. That will give you a boost in the right direction at least. Until you get the protein, double the amount of milk you are drinking if you can tolerate it. Any time you can, double the serving of meat you are eating.

Add that in and then monitor your progress. Absolutely do not even THINK about supplements except for protein powder until you are consistently gaining weight (2-4 pounds a month) and strength for a year.


Thanks for the answer.
I'm not training bodybuilding bur rather lifts but it does seem that if I can get x strong with this nutrition, I'll get much more with more food, correct me if I'm wrong. Although I can get as much dishes at my school cafeteria as I want, they're not the healthiest bunch. Sometimes all that is served is fried chicken legs and white rice, so I eat them for strength/size at the expense of health? I can also get another 1 liter milk as the 10AM snack if that's better, and lastly what do you suggest for pre-bed?


You will forever make excuses, whether in this endeavor or in your education or career.

Trust me. You will. Rip off the bandaid and stop over-rationalizing, Aaron Bro-ckovich.


hey im about to start on westside for skinny bastards soon im wondering how long the workouts usually take since ill be in school this semester and timing is very important!



You'll be in and out in under 75 mins if you don't pussy foot around - could have just asked me that the other day dude. Just remember though, you're a college student, you'll have more time now than you will any other time in your life. Time management skills are important.

OP: Just because you're training for strength doesn't mean you shouldn't be eating for size. Even if you're competing in a weight restricted class you've got to get enough calories in to recover. I generally let my weight travel up and then drop the weight before a meet as I need to, maybe do some damage control later on, and then go at it again. Eat more, you're eating like a 90 lb girl.


You should at least bump up your eating so that you are not losing weight. If your cafeteria is buffet style, then I would try just every single day eating lunch as a war.

That is, try to get down as much food as you can in the 20 minutes before your brain registers how damn much is in your stomach, make sure to have lots of food already on hand when you start eating, start with at least 500g of meat (even if fried), wash it all down with milk as you go. After that, take a nap (food coma) if you can, see how your weight is after 2 weeks. But hey, that is just what I would do as I am cheap and like food comas.