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Westside for Skinny Bastards Question


For the WSFSB routine its a 3 day but I want to incorporate another full day. I was wondering what you guys think of this addition for repetition day

Box Squat: 3 sets failure
Romanian Deadlift: 4-6 Sets 5-8 Reps
Sled Calf Work: 3-4 Sets 8-15 Reps
Wrist/Grip Work: Timed
Hanging Leg Raises
Jack Knife Sit-Ups


If you are a non-athlete or an off-season work doing no skill work, I think that would be ok, I would definitly stay away from it if you are an in-season athlete or even an off-season athlete doing any sort of skill work or conditioning sessions.

Personally, I think doing HIIT sprints with a little high-volume assistance work would be more beneficial than a repetition day for the legs, but that's just me.


Yeah, im just pure weightlifting for this past year with a little boxing type cardio work every now and then. So I think ill be fine too, just seeing how vet opinions might disagree or not.
If it has too much volume I can always just cut it down next time too.


Yeah I would go ahead and do that. Rotate between RE and DE based on need. If you are into oly lifts that's probably the day to do it. You could also do strongman stuff on this day.


Would it necessarily be bad if i switch between my primary workouts on this day.
EX: Box squats week 1
Olympic Squat week 2

WSFSB makes it seem okay but im just wondering.


Your original workout seemed fine for the rep day. I don't think there's a big deal between box squats or Olympic squats, either is fine, and switching is cool also.

The thing I like about this template is that there is a lot of room to maneuver. Once you get a feel for it, you can swtich things in and out, depending what you are aiming for (I tend to do a lot of back work, especially on my lower back, as I feel that's a weakness for me). You'll get the hang of it.


Why would you train to failure?


Its a repetition day. It doesent mean failure to the point where youre cheating the hell out of your exercise, it means to the point where you can no longer do the exercise in perfect form.