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Westside For Skinny Bastards III


is coming! keep checking Joe's website for details...



Where did you hear he's making a new one? And do you know what's going to be different from 1&2?


here: www.defrancostraining.com/ask_joe/archives/ask_joe_07-08-31.html

And this will be the complete full template, with both off season and on season programming and with templates for those who just use the program to get swole. Should be brilliant stuff. The earlier iterations were about the best article T-Nation ever published.


I swear to you...I am hard.


I wonder if the article will be published on T-Nation, or only on DeFranco's site.. Wherever it is, can't wait! =)


i assume it will make its way here...

you're excited?!?.... Feel these nipples!!


It sounds like he's going really in-depth. I can't wait... but I'm not as anxious as superhero#1.


This sounds like a bunch of teen girls getting excited about the backstreet boys getting back together.


OMG, the BBs are back together!?!!


DeFranco does design some great programs, so I'm interested to see how this turns out. I used WFSB I a few years ago and made some great gains.


no. 2 has had the greatest effect on my lifting than anything else ive done. On the alt. days i did sprints & id never been bigger, stronger, quicker or more explosive.


September 14


Joe D answered a question on EFS and said the article will be out on September 14th, it will be on EFS and his site, and LONG. He says so far 28 pages without pics, and still writing!!!!


I agree. The WSFSB 1&2 were by far the best articles to make it onto this site. And that is a big achievement as the quality on this site is streets ahead of anything on the net.

If you guys think you are excited; I need to change my pants.


September 14, good stuff. I have fucked with the template so much over the years that I have my own thing going, it will be interesting to see how DeFranco's ideas have changed in comparison to my own changes.


There was a post on EliteFTS about WS4SB III. Dave Tate posted that he had read it and said it was good. He gives a few pieces of info about the program.






man I used WSFSB this summer but had to stop due to XC (lame) but it was awesome. I'm so pumped.


Big day tomorrow...


hell yes it is! its the day before its released! id go ahead and say the one following is even BIGGER!