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Westside For Skinny Bastards and Second Leg Day

Where would you recomend the second leg day addition you mentioned for the WFSB program and how would it change the overall structure of the microcycle?

Would you suggest any of the following?
1)Mon: Upper ME
Tues: Lower ME
Thurs: Upper Rep
Fri: Lower Rep
Sat/Sun off

2)Mon: Upper ME
Wed: Lower ME
Fri: Upper Rep
Sat: Lower Rep

3)Mon: Upper ME
Tues: Lower Rep
Thurs: Upper Rep
Fri: Lower ME

Basically should the all the ME Days be done earlier in the week before the DE days or can they be alternated?

If Lower body is more of a priority could the Lower body work be moved to earlier in the week?


why not just do regular westside then if u have 2 leg days?

ah that’s a good point. i was just thinking about my second leg day for this program as well. mmm…i would think this program is geared towards athletes, maybe even off-season athletes or weekend warriors. That might be a reason why there is much clinging to this article.

Hey chubs, I had been wondering the same thing and someone had asked about a week ago too. Coach DeFranco suggested: "If it’s strength & hypertrophy you’re after, try this for your 2nd leg day:

A. Unilateral Movement - Perform 3 sets of 15 reps each leg
*Choose from the following list of exercises: (Don’t do the same exercise that you performed on your first lower body day.)
Single leg squats, back leg elevated
Barbell step-ups with knee lift
Barbell reverse lunges
Barbell reverse lunges, front foot elevated
Barbell reverse lunges, front foot elevated (with knee lift)
Low-pulley split squats, front foot elevated
Walking lunges
?Speed-skater? squats (1 and a half rep single leg squats)
Barbell step-ups

B. Posterior Chain / Hamstring movement - Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps for TWO of the following exercises:
Glute-ham raises
Reverse hyperextensions
Seated or standing good mornings
Leg curls
Romanian deadlifts
Stability ball hamstring lifts

C. Weak Point Training - Perform 1 exercise for 3-5 sets of a lagging body part
(Common areas include upper back, external rotators, abs, grip training, etc.) "

I completed the first week with this as the second leg day and loved it, hope that helps.


I like to keep the ME days earlier in the week and the DE or rep work at the end. And YES, you can put the lower body day on Monday if you’re going to do 2 lower body days.

And remember that just because you may be doing 4 main workouts a week, this doesn’t make it a regular Westside template. The difference lies in the repetition days instead of the DE days, as well as the unilateral work on lower body days.

Best of luck with the program.