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Westside For Skinny Bastards 3 Qs


1 - Where are the dips? Any reason they're not recommended? Are they classified under "pushup variation"?

2 - Why are chins recommended but not pull-ups? i assume they can be subbed for each other


I don't think that dips and pull ups were excluded... WSFSB is a template. The exercise choices are simply not all inclusive.

Feel free to use dis and/or pull ups as an ME/RE or assistance move. See if it works for you.



Im sure dips where recommended in ws4sb 1 and 2 on RE upper body day. Defranco favours bench press, swiss ball db press and suspended chain push ups. But yeah dips can be substituted for one of these lifts.


weighted dips can be done on ME day instead of a bench press variation and bodyweight dips on RE day for as many reps as possible. well thats what WS4SB 1 had in it perhaps its changed.


  1. Just because something is not recommended doesn't mean it won't work. As long as it's safe, you can use it.

  2. Nobody cares. Just thrash your upper back.