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Westside for Raw Lifters?

I have been a student for the WSBB and louie for quite sometime. There is one problem I keep running into is how to program the 3 week blocks and when to have DE vs Rep

@bulldog9899 is strong as shit and experienced, and currently (or very recently) running Westside. Maybe he can help you out, or drop into your log.

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Reps far from the meet, to build You up. Get muscles from being under the bar longer.

Dynamic efforts close to the meet to build explosivess and technique, and to re-learn to get all the force out really fast.

Here’s a cool chart.

Here’s a guy who used the method for raw lifting talking with two Westside doubters, some useful stuff comes up.

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In this thread (starting around comment 18-20) tasty Nate talks about his raw powerlifting program. Not exactly “westside,” but with a lot of the ideas worked into a pretty cool lay out.

Just got home going to be looking through everything

When you mean blocks are you meaning the pendulum waves you can run on Dynamic?

I mean 3 block cycles of the main exercise then rotate

If your talking Max effort . You rotate every 1 to 3 weeks depending on how long you see progress until it stalls. Most guys starting out can milk out 3 weeks a more advance guy will rotate every week.

Matt wennings youtube channel (wenning strength) has hours of videos on conjugate method. You can learn how to completely program your own training blocks and never spend a dime. Just gotta be willing to listen, learn, apply.


Just watched some of his stuff and damn, i am fixing my training at the moment but i do disagree with the lower ME. As I squat and DL heavy on different days but still very informational

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That’s awesome man! Good luck with it. Matt is one of those Westside guys that came out of geared lifting to raw and was successful.

I have a video of his I purchased where he talks about rotating tempos for the repetition method. The rotating max effort method lift isn’t unique to him. There’s several other guys that do that. The idea is to rotate deads and squats ME and on DE you do BOTH lifts with comp stance and form with accommodating resistance. For anything from 5x5,8x4,10x3 or whatever. I think I’ve even seen 12x2 . It’s kind of the way fatigue is managed so you aren’t doing ME deads and squats every week.

He has videos on DE method and when I was doing it I had to check my ego. He’s a 600lb bencher using 185 for DE plus bands lol sorry typing this got me thinking about that.

Ahaha but since i would considered a newer lifter how would that look in the three week blocks?

Which part the tempo alterations with repition method?

The lower max effort

Week1: dead variation 5rm

Week2: squat 3rm

Week 3: dead 1 rm

Week 4: squat 5rm

Week 5: dead 3 rm

Week 6: squat 1 rm

You wouldn’t even have to run 5,3,1 you could do something like 6,4,2 or 8,6,3 Whatever rep range you pick just stick with it. Most conjugate methods say advanced lifters switch ME day every day and newer lifters switch them every 3 weeks. I’ve ran this type of set up and I did 2 variations of each lift for 12 weeks.

Wk1:Dead V1-6rm
Wk2:squat V1-4
Wk3: dead v2-2
Wk4: squat v2-6
Wk5:dead v1-4
Wk6: squat v1-2
Wk7: dead v2-6
Wk8:squat v2-4
Wk9:dead v1-2
Wk10-squat v1-6
Wk11-dead v2-4
Wk12-squat v2-2
Wk13-deload with something light
Wk14-test comp variations

Every variation gets hit with a different rep range every week. Just pick variations that target weak points. That’s really the essence of this training style. That’s not exclusive to the ME work either. The rep work done after needs to target weak points of the lifts.

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I was just talking about this in another thread but this is an article from Dave Tate. It has tons of ex selections for rep work and lays out what they’re good at strengthening. There’s 5 parts to this article. This is the first 1. This helped me when I got into conjugate and ran it for a while.

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If you’re referring to the 5x5 stuff they’ve been doing on traditional DE days, basically, they put the increased rep work on the front end of a training block. I recall seeing that they bumped up the DE reps per set based on Boris Sheiko’s visit and recommendations, so I’ve seen where they do a block of 3’s, block of 5’s, then back to traditional DE reps, Circa Max, then meet. This appears to be the way they’ve been training there, at least on paper. They don’t do rep work on ME days. Occasionally I will see someone do a double in a shirt, but that’s about it, ME days is all out for a rep.