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Westside for Raw Lifters?


Would you recommend this for a raw lifter as well? I watched a video were louie said that raw lifters should use 65% 70% and 75% in a 3 week period.
If you recommend never going above 50% for raw lifters as well, why is that?

The Westside Method Thread

Are you talking about weight for the speed days?

The westside method has changed numerously over the years. Something Louie said in a video from 4 years ago is going to be severely outdated by what they actually do today.

With that said your speed days should be speed days. If you can do 10x2 or 8x3 or what ever you have your speed set/reps at with 75% and be very explosive and recovered 72 hours later for max effort then go for it.

It’s best to err on being too light at first until you get a feel for it. 65% straight weight and 65% against double red minis is totally different.

I would check out the facebook group conjugate strong and read through it for more information.


Imo dynamic effort day has 2 purposes
1.To put in some perfect reps
2.To put in a lot of volume without hindering your recovery

You can play around with a lot of set ups
Dave Tate’s manuals have some nice recommendations
Another way to do it is 20+ sets with around 50% of your max for the first 2-3 weeks,then add some light bands,then a speed strength wave
As long as you’re moving fast,putting in a lot of reps and recovering go for it