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Westside for Raw Benchers

Has anyone use the westside techinques to increase their raw bench? Could you share your results?

Most of us who use the westside protocol do not use shirts often in training and still see great increases raw maxes. Of course this protocol works for raw benchers, after all bar speed as well as maximal force are essential components in the bench press or any of the contested lifts whether wearing equipment or not. Westside works both of these aspects well.

I’ve used it, with good success, before the New Endland Raw PL Championships last December. It works well, just has to be modified a little. More full ROM stuff, though I still did partials in my sticking point.

George Halbert has done a 600 raw bench before i believe. The principles remain the same.

The only people who struggle with the westside system raw, are those that are “not fast”. If you are going for a big bench raw- speed plays a even bigger role in the processes. You must be fast off the chest and blow the bar to lock out.
Speed and triceps a benchers best freiends.
Good luck Big Martin

I don’t use a shirt. Had very good results. Like was said previously–speed and triceps (and lats for me but that’s different with everyone) helped a lot.

Since I’m doing the program raw, should I stick wth the rack lockouts, even though I am NOT going to be benching in competition with a shirt (which compensates for the lower part of the bench ROM)??? Or should I use full ROM bench pressing occasionally (or even always)?

Train bench via Westside. Have yet to even use a bench shirt.

So, it works for us raw lifters :slight_smile: