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Westside For.... Me


Hi there.

I'm a newbie Powerlifter and started lifting weights 14 moths ago.
Bodyweight is 145lbs, best lifts
319 Squat with Suit, 231bench with shirt and 363 deadlift with suit

I compete in powerlifting meets and of yourse I want to be stronger :slight_smile:

Currently I do a Template in which I bench 2 times and squat/deadlift once a week.
Main Lifts are periodized with 3-8 reps. Assistance Stuff 6-15 reps.
It works somewhat, but I'd really like to try a Westside based template after the next competition.

So I am not sure what to use.

Shpuld I try the standard Westside template, or should I use the Westside for Skinny bastards with a 2nd Leg day as I think I am a beginner and need more basic strength and hypertrophy as well?


If you're powerlifting, stick with the basic Westside split and tweak as needed.

WS4SB is for athletes who do a lot of running/conditioning. It may help you get bigger and stronger, but the goal is not powerlifting.

Stick with what the powerlifters do if you want to powerlift.


Why use a squat suit and bench shirt when your just getting started? Build some strngth first. I would look into Westside 3 days a week as it seems to be the right amount of work for a non enhanced lifter. Also dont get too fancy. Get strong.


A westside lifter can definately do a 4 day split easily without overtraining. People are way to cautious about overtraining. If you are a powerlifter follow the regular westside template and not the westside for skinny bastards.

You mostly just have to figure out what works for you in the westside program. I just wouldn't do goodmornings as a ME exercise, use them as a 3-5RM for assistance, and keep box squats and deadlifts as your main exercises. If you need any help setting up a template let me know.


Tanks for the replies.

Then I'll stick to the standard template.
When I have divised a program I'll post it to critique it.

I don't think high volume would be an great problem, as currently I workout 5 Days a week and usually spennd there a lotta time.

Concerning the use of equippment:
I think it is the best to learn the use of equippment quite early so I can benefit from it even more, when I'm stronger.
And as Powerlifting is all about moving as manny iron as possible guess it's no big deal using the gear a few times before my competition.
It's not the case that I am weak as fuck without it.

And here's a pic of me pulling 308 in my last meet. This was raw also.

But i switched to Sumo recently, as I can pull more this way.