Westside for Fat Bastards

Westside for phat bastards: Looks like some west-side variation which goal is to burn fat. It seemed quite solid for me; Anyway, what do you guys think about this program?


seems good…more stuff then other variation…well you need to do more to lose weight…so that good but dont forget the number key…DIET!!

At first look I like it but 3 Max Effort days a week (and in a row) makes me a little hesitant.

I’ve never heard of anyone using the template but maybe there’s someone on the board who has.

I was thinking about giving it a shot after my next two cycles complete (WS4SB then a Sheiko run…)

yea those 3 MEs in a row kinda got me thinking, and thats every week, i guess a person will never know until they try it.

I used the program for 2 cycles before finding 5/3/1. I’ve since switched to 5/3/1 but I definitely enjoyed WS4FBs. I mixed the days round a bit to get a better spread. Program looked like this:

ME Bench
BB Bench Press

Skull Crushers
Bench Pull

DB Tricep Extension
Face Pulls

Standing BB Press
Rear Delt Flys

Tricep Pushdown
EZ Bar Curl

RE Squat/Deadlift
Box Squat

Side Bends

Good Mornings
Stiff Leg Raise

DB Shrugs
Back Extensions

RE Bench
BB Incline Press

BB Decline Press
Incline Sit Up

DB Tricep Extension
DB Hammer Curls

DB Shoulder Press
BB Upright Rows

Tricep Pushdown
Cable Curls
Rear Delt Flys

ME Squat/Deadlift
Back Squats

DB Step Ups
Cable Crunches

Side Bends

Kneeling Ham Raise
Stiff Leg Raise

BB Shrugs
Back Extensions

ME Lats
T-Bar Row

Seated Row
Cable Crunches

Pull Ups
Incline Sit Ups

DB One Arm Row

Seems like an awful lot of work. I’m no expert, but if you’re intent on doing an ME lat move why not put that first on Thursday and follow that up with your RE bench work? Seems like that would allow you to get your heavy stuff in while respecting recovery.

i would definitely be interested in this, but i usually dont enjoy doing 2 exercises at the same time. i dont know if other people feel this way too?

I did this program for a while and although it seemed good, with the calorie restriction and the multiple heavy days it shot my CNS. My immune system was fucked up for a bit. I am now a steady follower of Wendler, Starr, or Pavel.

For fat loss diet is the key, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Training wise I would stick to a high intensity, low volume (Pavel’s 80/20 or even Starr’s 5x5) with a couple of days of high intensity cardio thrown in if it feels okay. Good for muscle preservation.

Ever since doing this formula I have dropped an additional 52 lbs. and have gotten stronger with fat percentage (not LBM) going down. Diet wise I have been doing CKD pretty faithfully for a good bit now and it seems the best (at least in my opinion) for muscle/strength retention, and even gains.