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Westside eating

How do Westside lifters eat? Do they just eat like other athletes & it’s the training that makes the difference or do they have nutrition secrets that nobody knows about?

they eat everything in sight. read tate’s elite q and a. he’s answered that a couple of times.

A friend of mine told me a story about when he (allegedly) was at Westside for a seminar and had been told Kenny Patterson was trying to come down from 275 to 220.

In wlaks Patterson with a huge bag of McDonalds and starts chowing down.

He now regularly makes 700 odd benches at 220.

Both of you have it perfectly right. Look when you are training hardcore like then do - you need the calories. And coincidently more athletes need to stop “dieting” and fueling their systems.

In faith,
Coach Davies

Im very interested in hearing more about this. I just started being an athlete again and will shortly be burning a shitload of calories every day.

Goldberg-I’ve read your posts, you sound like an athlete - make sure you get tons of protein and good quality vegtables. If I can help with an athletes diet suggestions just ask,

In faith,
Coach Davies