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Westside Deadlift Issues

Hey guys,
I recently started training somewhat of a westside style., i do a squat or deadlift max effort lift, each week and a bench press max effort. i tried a deadlift with my regular sumo stance at 70% of my old 1rm to keep my body in sync w/ the form, then did my ME stuff, which consisted of conventional deadlifts off of a platform using chains.

I was able to beat my old ME record on this lift from a couple of weeks ago, but what got me worried is that my sumo stance deadlift felt very difficult. It was very slow and felt heavy particularly starting it in motion. this weight used to feel moderately light. I feel like i may be losing strength. Any thoughts?

Also, I do not do lower body dynamic work, instead I do olympic squats and romanian deadlifts for sets of 4 reps varying up the volume weekly. Also, my other ME lower body lift on the other week has been concentric squats(anderson squats?) from below parallel. I wonder if the ME work I’m doing is too light, like the deadlifts off blocks add up to 385, keep in mind the sumo dls I did I used 405. Also, on rdls I’m working w/ like 275, 285. oly squats using 275.

My deadlift increases by deadlifting. Not by doing ME work on deadlift variations or squat variations. I learned this when I tried the Westside method. It’s not made for everyone, just like all programs. find what works for you.

I’ve gotta switch up my training when I’m finished my meet, too. Westside is not really working well for me at all, and I am experiencing the same things as you…weights that were normally only moderately heavy almost feel like maxes, which is ridiculous. A few months ago I was pulling 275 pretty quickly, and now it feels like it takes an hour to get off the floor.

I don’t have an answer for you, but I definitely know how frustrating it is :frowning:

I do 5/3/1 with DE lower body work. So far it’s been awesome.

I find that I have to keep the ME exercises pretty close to the competition lifts (just changing ROM and use of accomadating resistance for DL). Also, are you working your sticking point or just doing the latest exercise and technique you learned about?

If sumo is your comp. lift, then I would either suggest using lots of accomadating resistance for lockout work and deficits with your sumo stance if you’re weak off the floor.

It takes a while to learn what lifts have the best carryover. It could easily take months.

Speed pulls. That simple.


Westside style training worked great for me. I trained at Orlando Barbell for a few years and my DL went from low 400’s to 635 at 198. I found that NOT training the DL every week worked best for me. If I hit all the other movements (GM’s, box SQ’s, RDL, some rack pulls, etc.) for a max effort on SQ/DL day and then tested my DL every 6-8 weeks it went up every time. Otherwise I got weaker. The other posts are dead on, its all about finding out what works for you and being consistent.

I credit the guys I lifted with for most of it. Its almost impossible to train Westside style without having a bunch of people that are stronger than you pushing you to succeed.

The only speed work I did was DE Box SQ with bands and/or chains. I found that with a wide stance and a low box it was great carry over for me when I pulled sumo. I never got into speed pulls, or DE bench…I seemed to feel like it effected my recovery too much and I never really got anything out of them.

I found that many of the folks that I knew who didn’t get much from the westside approach either didn’t structure their programs well to allow for recovery or tended to get better results from more rep work. If you compete raw I found rep work to be more effective.

Hope this helps!