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Westside DE Squat Session Video

Westside Rules!

Nice stuff. which one are u

I’m the one who found the video in youtube, lol…If I ever had the honor of training with them I would be loading plates, lol…

I have had the honor of lifting out there and I can say that they are the nicest, most welcoming, helpful ANIMALS you will ever meet. Louie and his crew go above and beyond to help any lifter that is about it.

Here is a video of me out there at westside.

I’ll be in there saturday, hurting!

Keep that bucket close by, lol…

That has to be one of the best environments around to train in.

Looks awesome, those guys make it looks easy.

One thing I’ve learned is Vogelpohl is way stronger than people realize, and that anything you’ll do with him is done way harder than most people can handle. If he’s in the gym, stand the fuck by…