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Westside DE 12x2 or 8x3?


Hey all, physiologically speaking I was wondering about your opinions on which would be more effective while using weight releasers or chains on DE days. Last year I was using 8x3/8x3 and 10x2 per Simmons articles but have recently found another where 12x2/12x2/10x2 is advocated by Louis.

I have been lifting consistently and committed and do not like WASTING time so any help is as always GREATLY appreciated. thanks once again...dirk


I believe the current recommendations are: BP-3 reps, SQ-2 reps, DL-1 rep, for DE work.


I agree with bench & deadlift. More recently I've heard the current "thing to do" is in a 3-week wave, go 12x2, 12x2, 10x2 ... going up in weight each week.


I personally do 10x3 on bench, and 8x2 on both squat and deadlift. It's my first time trying out Westside, so I'm just playing around until I find what works just right.


I used to run westside and when I did, my experience is that it doesn't make too much of difference what specific scheme you use. I just think it is important to make sure speed is very fast. I would often load up and do 1-4 reps per set for 8-15 sets... I liked to pause on the chest so I would just evaluate after each rep to see how fast it was and if I wanted to do 1 more. I would also sometimes do touch and go speed reps and would usually opt for 12x2 with less than 1 minute rest between sets.