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Westside Chains & Bands

I just started incorporating some westside methods into my workout schedule and would like to optimize these workouts by using resistance as mentioned in last weeks article by Dave Tate.(issue 127] My qustion is would it be better to start out with chains or bands if i had to choose one to optimize my bench and does anyone know where i can find these online and how much they go for each? Thanks! Nic

I would go for the chains, for one reason only.Go to the deepsquatter site and look at the price of the bands. You’ll be shocked .

where does it have the prices? i have looked at the site several times now and have not been able to find any information on where to get them or how much they are.

I use chains because of cost and accessibility (Flexbands are pricey). You can purchase them at Home Depot. My pair weigh about 15lbs. each and instead of adding more chains for increased resistance, I bought some loading pins with caribiners that accomodate olympic size plates from Ironmind and attach them to my chains. A new twist for less than 80 bucks.

Good Lifting!

This is from 2 years ago but louie says call Topper’s Supply at 1-614-444-1187 and ask for Ivan for chains, for bands call jump stretch at 1-800-344-3539.