Westside Beginner

Hey guys I’m new to the forums, I’ve been doing a modified Westside for most of the summer, and I just retweaked it. I’m 6 feet, 160 (Skinny I know), and just started focusing on strength this summer.

DL: 335
Squat: 305
Bench: 200

Today was my ME Lower
I worked up to a 1 rep 315 on the Deadlift (Felt really shitty today)
7x10 Good Mornings
4x15 Chest-Support Rows
4x10 Hanging Leg Raises
Assorted grip work

I was wondering what you guys thought, any tips, suggestions, etc thank you

you are welcome. :wink:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

do triples or 5s for your ME excercise or do a run of ws4sb before you go full westside