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Since we have the renegades, HITers, fat fasters and Poliquin and King disciples, I was wondering how many people out there follow the gospel of Louie Simmons and Dave Tate. I personally made the switch from a traditional western periodization type routine to the Westside method about a month ago. Already my lifts are going through the roof. I’m packing on size and strength, not too mention having a lot of fun. Anybody else had similar success and enjoyment since going Westside style?

Hell ya, since i started using the WestSide Method back in 10/21/01, I have added over 125lbs to my deadlift and 40lbs pounds to my bench, which had been stuck for over year and a half.

I’m kinda new around here.

I’ve been powerlifting since I was a freshman in high school about six years ago. My personal best lifts came my senior year, shortly before I reinjured the meniscus in my right knee. I was out of the weight room for a long, long time…
Long story short, I started on the Westside method about a month ago, about four months after I got back into the iron game.
I’m having a lot of fun, even if I don’t have the cash to get my hands on some of Louie Simmons’ more interesting toys, like the reverse hyper, or those rubber bands. I maxed my box squat with a belt yesterday at 345. I’m creeping up on my best suit squat of 425, which fires me up.

I have a question, though, for anyone who cares to answer:

  1. In addition to my main workouts, sled pulling (tire and a chain), and supplemental lat work, I do about two hours of high intensity cardio a week in the form of recreation. I have no idea if this is hurting my stregth, as I eat enough to make up for any calories I burn. But would the cortisol increase from the cardio hurt my strength?


Well, my progress has been good. In one year my bench went from 200 to 300 and my squat went from 350 to 500. I’ve just been using my interpretation of wsb training through the articles. I’m waiting for my seminar package to arrive so I can learn more.

I put about 50 lb on my squat in 4 months using some of their ideas. I credit the increase to the goodmornings I started in my program. Westside is huge on goodmornings and I’m sold on them also.

I would like to start some Westside training where would i be able to find some example workouts or some of their princiles? help is appreciated.


Hey Eddie, if you need more info on the westside method go to elitefitnesssystems.com you will have all the information you need to understand the Westside method throughly. It is Dave Tates website and he has links to all past article by him and louie simmons.

to fankaygary, you asked if intense cardio exercise would affect your strength. Well, from what I understand, doing multible reps will cause your muscles to act more like slow twich muscles in return, sacrificing the explosive nature of the white fiber muscle. Then, yes, I think it would impare your strength.
hope this helps…

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Heytey, maybe you should just stick to the cyberpump Web site. Obviously, it caters to those who advocate HIT. I don’t know why you keep trying to convert everyone into a HIT disciple on the forum. For some it works, for others it doesn’t. So stop preaching! You’re almost as bad as that Jason Baran kid!

It is great people are having success with the WSB methods. Louie is the Martin Luther of training. He is the first to break away from Weider/Jones/Epley training. I think in order to get the full effect, one needs to travel out to Columbus. I made my first trip 5 years ago and have made many return visits. Not only do you get to see some tremendous strength athletes, including Louie who has squatted 900 lbs at 50 some years of age, but the people there are great. It seems as if they are there to see you. They invite you to workout. Someone is always there to help, spot or give tips. It is a place where everyone is concerned about you and good training. There are no egos or posers. They are there to work. Louie and Dave are more than helpful. You eat meals with them and one day I ran errands with Louie and talked training for hours. In fact Louie and Dave will talk training until you are fi nished asking questions. It is just a great experience. Also, besides the actual workouts, I have found the extra workouts and GPP to be very helpful. I really like the chains and bands as well. I agree, good mornings are great. I also like floor press and narrow inclines for max work.

Hetyey, please stop trying to bring down everyone’s posts. I wrote this thread with the intention of getting responses about others success with westside methods. It wasn’t a shot at the HITers. You’re negativity around this forum is tired, and like Nate Dogg said, “Stop preaching.”

Has anyone mixed in Westside with some more traditional splits? Just curious as I want to become very strong and increase athletic performace while doing a good job at being a recreational bodybuilder type(w/o the negative side effects of training for looks -i.e. unatheltic,look strong but can’t back it up)A couple months of estside switched up with more bodybuilding like training, GPP, and different splits seem like they would get the job done. Thanks guys, Mike

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NicK, could you please detail your WSB workout? im thinking of giving the method a shot and since you’ve been successful so far, id appreciate the help. thanks

BT, I’ve been following a poor man’s WSB routine, as I don’t have bands, chains, or a sled. So far what I’ve been doing is a speed day for squat and bench along with a max day for squat and bench. For the speed days: bench 8-10 x 3 @ 65% of 1RM and box squat 8-10 x 2 @ 65% of 1 RM. For the max days I’ve been rotating exercises such as box squat, good morning, deadlift, and all their varations, for bench, board presses, floor press, etc…For all days I’ll do 2 assistant exercises for approximately 3-6 sets of 3-8 reps. For squat days I’ll do goodmorings, glute-ham raises, stiff legged DL’s etc. For bench, tricep extensions, rows, face-pulls. I am by no means an authority on WSB methods (I’m still learning myself), so keep on reading Simmions and Tate and develop your own style. The cool thing about WSB is there is such a wide variety of things you can do with your exercises. I’m going to start varying my volume and percentages now that I have a feel for WSB, so we’ll see what happens from there. Hope this helps, if I can help any further, let me know.

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Their has been a bunch a studies on wether cardio effects limit strength and the’ve come back with the answer yes, I can quote where these studies were form if you like, training for limit strength won’t effect your cardio output though, it might just happen to improve it as your heart will get stronger when you lift. Unless your in competition and you enjoy the cardio i wouldn’t worry about the negative effects.

Any one have ay experiences or ideas about my previous post?Thanks, Mike

Any one have ay experiences or ideas about my previous post?Thanks, Mike