Westside Barbell

Monday/ DE Benchday
JM press (top set of 3)
Neutral DB Rows (top set of 5)
OH Extensions (6x10)
Decline Sit-Ups (top sets of 10)

6-12hr. later
Chest flies 3x10
Lat-Pulldown 3x10

24 hr. later
Repetition Method
Tricep Pushdown

Tuesday/ME Squats/Deads Day
Concentric Squats (3RM)
Romanian Deads 2x10
Speed Deads (55%x3x3)
Standing Crunches (top set of 10)

Seated Good Mornings 3x10
Rack Pulls 3xT

Repetition Method
Good Mornings
DB Presses

Kneeling Jump Squats
VO 2 Max Training (HIIT/Sprints/Intervals)

Thursday/ME Bench day
JM Press (3RM)
Neutral DB Row (same weight/more volume)
OH Extensions (same weight/more volume)
Decline Sit-Ups (more volume)

Friday/DE Squats/Deads day
10x3x50% Back Squats
Speed Deads 3x3x55%
Seated GM (more volume)
Standing Crunches (more volume)

Saturday/GPP Day 2
Heavy Farmer’s Walks (straps w/ 90lbs.)