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Westside-Barbell Sled Recommended?

Hey guys,

I’m looking to buy a sled online. I’ve narrowed it down to Westside Barbell’s sled. Just wanted to know if anybody uses it and what they think, or if anybody recommends a “beter” sled.

Thanks in advance,


Dragging sleds are all pretty much the same. Buy from who you support the most or go with the best price.

There’s no best sled but Louie is a great guy so you might as well get it from

a sled is a sled is a sled.

Thanks. Tough buying online. Would rather be able to try it out first, but in Hawaii you get used to having to buy stuff online.

Prowler FTW! you can push and pull. I’m in hawaii too and got a “homemade” prowler from a local football coach, couldnt afford the shipping. It works great. If you wanna sample I live in Kaimuki and prowl on Sundays usually. Let me know
If you’re dead set on a sled you could prolly build one and avoid the shipping…it’s gonna be ridiculous…

yeah, i would just go with a prowler. make Wendler and fts proud :slight_smile:

[quote]aer360 wrote:
Would rather be able to try it out first[/quote]

Are you serious??

I’d go for a prowler if you can. Having said that I really don’t think it would be that hard to improvise your own sled device, hell you could just drag some plates on grass

Mine’s just a tire with a hole in the tread.

Yeah, for a sled you can go real cheap, everything’s pretty much the same. I would just skip the sled and get a prowler.

I use a milk crate with a rope, rocks/logs as weights for a sled… wish i could get a prowler tho


EFS equipment sale…just in time huh?

I have a Westside sled. Solid and comes with a 10’ strap. The loading pin is also long enough to add some serious weight for heavy sled pulls. For price you might want to take a look at these 2 sleds also: http://www.swagerstrength.com/2sled.html and http://www.newyorkbarbells.com/1140.html. Some sleds the loading pin will only allow you to add 4 plates so watch out. I do agree with the others, if you have the money go with a Prowler, it will kick your butt. If price does not allow you to get one, a sled will provide a lot of exercises.

I ordered a Westside sled 12 years ago. It was just mailed out with the postage stamp on. I forget what the shipping was. Classic.

Google RougeFitness. They have a sled and it costed 120 or 130. Comes with a black strap and free shipping too.

I just got mine last week and to my surprise it has a Westside Barbell logo on it.

When I was looking for a sled I was looking for price and wanted a sled I could load it heavy with. Rogue is what I’d go with. Spud inc sells a sled too for $90 but it said only fits 4 45lb plates so I didnt buy it.

I have had the Bigger, Faster, Stronger sled for about 12 years. I’ve had it since middle school and it’s still in perfect condition.


Let me know if you want to train sometime. I live close to Kaimuki.

Sent you a PM