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Westside Barbell Programming Question

I’m fairly new to the West Side Methods and have some questions about a few concerns I’m running into. From my understanding, West Side guys tend to box squat consistently. I did this as well with chains for 4 weeks. My numbers improved by great numbers and I was happy with my performance and success on the program. The problem is that when I went back to free squats the following week, my hamstrings cramped so bad that I had to squat about 100lbs less than where I left off with my squat before I started the chain/box squat program.

What I’m wondering is should in this case use the chains/box as a lighter speed day and have an additional day of squatting without chains or bands that’s heavy so my hams and glutes aren’t becoming weak from a program and all the while improving on speed and stabilization. Very curious and would appreciate any feedback you can give me. Hope this was explained in a clear manner.

Also, if this is a yes, would it be the case that I’d be speed benching and speed squatting as well as heavy freeweight benching and squatting on different days all in a week. So squatting twice and benching twice?

If your hams and glutes are getting weak while doing box squats your not doing box squats correctly. I follow the cojugate method as well as laid out by Louie for the most part although considering I don’t wear any gear every other workout my ME exercise is a full range squat. Whether Front or Back in order to keep flexibility and the natural movement patterns fresh. Then the next week is usually more of a deadlift movement such as Good Mornings, Rack Pulls, or Log Cleans.

Kinda short, but just a good overview.

You’re box squatting wrong if you’re not activating the hamstrings. If you don’t compete in gear, then don’t train for gear. Use box squats sometimes, but free squats should be your main base. IMO.

I think Louie said in another video to think of the box squat as a standing leg curl