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Westside Barbell Military Press


ok sooo i want to "specialize" in standing overhead press im thinking of combining parts of WSB with Wendler's 5/3/1, i know ppl are going to be saying ohhhhhh you cant do that, its just wrong and foolish but i want an honest opinion on how to set this thing up to make it as optimal as possible, all opinions are welcome and respected, no hating here from me (unlike my last posts haha)
day1 ME Military
5/3/1 Military or WSB Military
can I alternate every 4 weeks with seated military press?

Day 2 Deadlift
5/3/1 Deadlift

Day off
Day 3 DE Day
standing OHP 50-70% of 1rm (of 5/3/1 "max) 6 sets 5 reps
standing 1 arm db press 5/3/1
weighted pullups/ chins
db bench (I still want to get some flat bench work in so i decided with db's for now)

Day 4 Squats
5/3/1 Squats
full squats
oh and the reason why I dont have any P-chain or Lowerback work in is because my glutes and hams get worked real good from deads and Lower back from full squats and Deads
so what do you guys think?


i looked up something called the jugguarnot method any good??


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Dude, open up 5/3/1 and an excel sheet on your computer. Input exactly what the book says into the excel sheet. Print out the excel sheet. Follow exactly what your excel sheet says...profit. Not that hard. Stop being complicated.




ok thanx, but im not trying to be complicated, i just want to try something different. nice comment about using the bathroom though


Look man I know it may sound like we are being pricks but do you understand why? Its great to ask questions but the questions you are asking shouldnt be asked. First off, most of the questions Ive seen you ask, are answered in the book, which like you said, you have. Then, if you look on the EFS QandA website, Jim has answered about 14billion questions about 5/3/1. Put your questions in the search engine on that website and I can guarantee you something will come up. Its a program when kept simple, gives greats results. At some point, changing something is fine but it really doesnt sound like you are there yet. If you want to try something different then try a different program. Just dont keep flip flopping from one to another. It never works well.


So you're going to use military press and military press only for max effort?

As in, every single week, you're going to max out on military press.

And you expect this will make you stronger?


Everyone needs to stop replying to this guys threads it just leads to more of them.


This made me laugh. So you're not gonna get any work with a bar in terms of flat bench for the whole cycle? But you're gonna those dumbbells in there.


In the summer I found myself in a situation where I did not have a bench an a rack, I just had a
barbell and db`s. I therefor had no choice, but to do only deads and militarypress as main movements.

the split looked something like this:

day1: dynamic effort militarpress + assistence for upperbody.

day2: deadlift and lunges.

day3: maximum effort militarypress + upperbody assistence.

I only did this for a month, but I achieved two pr`s in militarypress and one pr in deadlift, but then
again I am still newb regardless of training on and off for years. So take this with a grain of salt.


Floor presses w/ db's, band resisted foot elevated pushups, and pull/chin ups are favorites of mine when I'm at home and can't get to the gym for upper body.


I did push ups, floor flyes, floor pullovers, one-arm-row, barbellshrugs, curls and one-arm triceps extension overhead as assistence when I did this. I didnt get any smaller in my upperbody during this period. ( did not have a place to do chins and dips ).

If I find myself in a similar situation again, I will try out db floor presses, probably better for strenght than floor flyes.