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Westside Barbell Equipment Sold to Rogue

Louie has sold off his equipment manufacturing/sales arm to Rogue.

Smart move I think. He’s getting on now and Rogue will treat him and his brand well. For one, Rogue will sue Titan where Louie probably couldn’t.

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What equipment did Titan rip off of his?

Good move on his part. Idk what the deal looked like and if royalties were involved but Westside BB is the gym of gadgets for sure so he had lots of stuff to sell. I say make that money when you can.

I guess it makes sense, they’re both in Columbus, Ohio.

Tough break for Legend Fitness, the East Tennessee company who used to make stuff for Westside.

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The Rogue Westside bar has been around for some time. Probably made it easier for Louie to switch over completely as he has done business with them for a while.

My gym just got a titan reverse hyper, so, probably that?

Titan rips off everything lol

Lol yeah I thought reverse hyper was rogue only. And pretty sure they had the copy rights for it.

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He invented the hyper I believe, ours says rouge But we are also Ohio.