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Westside Barbell Certification


Has anyone done or attempted the Westside Barbell Cert. I'm thinking of doing it but the 90% pass mark coupled with the price for retake puts me off a bit. I also live outside of the U.S. and so can't make the one day seminar. Anyone got any experience or have any documentation on the course. Thanks.


Didn't even know they do this. Get a real certification, then go visit Lou and watch a little. I'm sure you'd pass the test if you chose to take it. These things aren't usually that hard if you did the seminar. Many are open book type.


I checked it out. It's basically open book. Get the stuff and look it up. You'll pass for sure. Just be specific and thorough.


You have to read all of the westside articles plus watch a buch of Louis's videos in additon to reading 5 or 6 other books. The only one of which I have read it "The Science and Principles of Strength Training" by Zatsiorsky. Good luck.


What's a "real" certification?


Some kind of actual academic stuff. An on line certificate will mean jack for any job. It wouldn't impress me. Now, if you get some kind of academic work done, take online course work on a regular basis. show some interest in training and learning, that would.

I've been out Westside multiple times Louie is great to learn from and very helpful and gracious. But an online course won't carry much weight except as part of an overall package.

Hell, you can get the same books and learn yourself.


YEAH this is news to me too
had no idea Westside offered a certification program.
so is this like their version of PT or strength coach cert. ?