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Westside -- Band Training

I will be receiving my bands from Jump Stretch next week. I purchased a set of mini bands and a set of super-mini bands (new). How would you incorporate this into the Dynamic workout for bench? What weights would you use along with the bands…the normal 50-60% of 1RM? Thx.

I think they use them on speed day, so yeah, 50-60% of their RAW max, not with all the other stuff.

have you checked out dave tate’s accomodating resisitance article in t-mag? thats where youd find it… .i use the same as when i use chains. I even make up my own things with em… ive gained 30 pounds in my bench easily just experimenting!

JRR, I haven’t used the supermini bands, but I did use the mini bands for dynamic bench. We would double the whole band, much like you do with a rubberband to make it tighter. I did them in a power rack. You will have to experiment with your set up to see how much tension you are getting. The percentage was 45-50% of shirt max. The best way is to start at 45% and check your speed. You may be able to go up to 50-55%. Use the bands for a few weeks, then switch up to some chains for dynamic bench.

do a search for dave tate’s articles on the website. you’ll find all you need in those. those articles explain the west side routine in great detail. if there is something you don’t understad after you read the articles, ask again.

I’ve never used the super-mini’s, but with the mini’s I use about 40-50% of my 1RM in bar weight along with the bands, if you can maintain bar speed you can always add more weight. There is a million different combinations of bands and bar weight, just experiment and see what you feel most explosive with.


Use 60% and take off 20-30 lbs. for the bands.Don’t use the bands for longer than 3 weeks at a time as they are very taxing.