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Westside and Weight gain.


I have noticed that since I have been following a westside type program that I have gained about 3-4lbs of bodyweight in about a week and I haven't done anything different with my diet I am even eating less than I did when on a bodybuilding program, there have been a few days I fell under calories...I am guessing its a beginers adaption to HARD training. I also feel harder in my back and tris which is cool too.


very very common..when i first started westside circa 2000 i i weighed 180 pounds my current weight is 282..bm


Yes, weight gain can come easily on Westside, especially if you're switching from more of a bodybuilding routine. You're probably hammering areas that are significant weak points (this was the case for me), and so these areas will grow.


BM - that's 100lbs! Great work.


Change is good no matter what the form.


paul yea but that isnt all good weight lol..i over did it for a while..i had to find a comfortable weight that i can live with that allows me optimal performance..the 280 region is where i plan to stay for a long long time..bm