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Westside And O-Lifts

I follow the westside conjugate protocol and I am having difficulty incorporating the olympic lifts . I am trying to experiment with doing a full range o-movement on dynamic squat day, a top pull on maximal upper day, and either a press or a jerk on the bench dynamic day. Am I trying to accomplish too much? Should I just focus on one goal then switch to the other types pf lifts? If any one has experience with this, let me know.

CT wrote a reply to a post about the same question awhile back. He stated to basically leave the ME days the same. On DE days cut the number of sets of dynamic bench and box squats to about half and then add around 4-5 sets each of power cleans and snatches on DE squat day and a few sets of push press or jerk(?) on DE bench day.

Thanks for the advice FCFighter.

I do the same thing as CT says only I do the O-lifts first being that they are faster movements. I only do 3 or 4 sets of O-lifts then move to speed bench or squats. It is working really well for me. I enjoy it and it breaks the cycle up to keep me fresh!

Here is CT’s response, that I think FCFighter was talking about -

CT’s Semi-Guest Forum:
"The westside system is the best way to train for powerlifting. However it’s not designed to build overhead strength and the program revolves around maximizing the strengths required for the specific form of the competitive powerlifts. A powerlifting squat doesn’t involve the same muscles as an olympic squat. So if you truely want to compete as an olympic lifter, a true westside routine might not be best for you.

However the westside system can be adapted to suit your needs by including the technical lifts (full snatch, clean & jerk) in the speed days, performed for 6-8 sets of 2 reps with 65-70% emphasizing speed and perfect technique and by including maximum effort assistance olympic lifts (power snatch from blocks, power clean from blocks, push press, etc.) in the lower body max effort sessions every 2 weeks.

Also include some front squatting to maintain proper form during the clean recovery."

thank you all