Westside and Improvement

Greetings all!

I guess I’d call myself somewhere between intermediate and beginner as far as lifting would go. I’ve been reading, studying and lifting heavy now for a solid year.

My bodyweight is about the same,(207) but my bench has gone from 165 to 215. My squat from 185 - 270 and my deadlift from 200 to 310.

Up to this point, I’ve basically done some Korte 3x3, Starr type of 5x5, and a little HIT in between.

I don’t have any bands, chains or GHR machines, but I really want to take the plunge into Westside style training. I’m not getting any younger (just turned 34) and I was wondering what kind of improvent you all think I could expect over the next year sticking with westside. Anyone care to share your 1st year experiences with total increases and such?

I’ve gained almost 100 pounds on squat and dead and about 65 on bench in only 9 months, i’m 44. and i plan on doing westside method for quite awhile. i didn’t start using bands or chains until about 6 months into it. i should have started using them earlier.