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Westside and Hypertrophy

I have been using CT’s training techniques for close to a year now and have had excellent results in both Hypertrophy and strength gains. Typically I use a heavy compound lift followed by a superset consisting of a Medium to heavy isolation with a ligter isolaion for each muscle group.

After I fininsh my current program I would really like to focus on strength developement for the following 6 weeks using Westside Training Templates includding GPP (Keg throwing, Drag sled, ec.).

I figure that by brininging up my strength I ultimatly can expect greater mass gains in the future due to increased poundage using CT’s hypertrophy techniques.

So my question is: During this strength building phase, which will obviously be lower in volume, should I expect to loose mass? Maintain Mass? or Gain Mass?

My gut feeling is that I should expect to maintain or gain a little, but the lower volume has me worried that I may actually have a loss. Yes I know all the powerlifting guys are huge, but they have also been doing this a lot longer than me.

If typically there is a loss, is there anyway to combat this? I have a solid nutrition plan with a high protein intake and plenty of Calories.

Advice, tips, past experience, advanced exercise physiology concepts and all out schooling on the subject are welcome.


I can’t imagine that you would lose any mass if you are gaining strength. You might maintain, or more than likely continue to gain. Obviously if you are gaining strength due to learning technique on sled drags/keg toss/etc then you probably won’t see a considerable gain in size.

I can’t imagine this is new information for you though, as you seem to have a good head on your shoulders.

However, assuming that you aren’t just getting better at doing the lift, and you are actually getting stronger, then you would need to have more cross sectional muscle fiber in order to generate more power.

Also, I would think that the change in training styles alone would produce a beneficial training response.

Yeah I know seems kind of an odd question coming from me too lol.

But I have been doing high volume mixed with heavy compounds for quite awhile, I’m just not sure what to expect if I go to a strict powerlifting program. Haven’t done strict strength training since HS.

I am fairly proficient at the lifts and GPP stuff so I don’t think my improvement would be soley based on learning proper mechanics, though some of it undoubtly will.

I guess in the end I am just nervous about pulling a 180 in my training and don’t want to lose anything I gained.
My ultimate goal is to hit 225 and obtain Pitbull status.

So if anyone has any experience going from a Bodybuilding program to a stength training program, I am intressted in hearing about your results.

Personally I’d probably suggest doing westside for skinny bastards. I think the sudden change in the volume and intensity of the program could stall your progress. I think skinny bastards addresses this problem with a slightly higher volume.

If you haven’t worked on max strength for a while, espically if your going to only go on the westside template for 6 weeks, Skinny bastards will make the switch easier.

Just keep your assitance work in the higher rep range for the first few weeks, and taper it down.

You shouldn’t lose mass, if anything you should gain.

Provided eating habits stay sufficient.

Also, 6 weeks doesn’t seem like very long to gain strength.

But good luck.