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Westside and Basketball

I am interested in starting training westside style after reading the periodization training article. I’d also like to start playing basketball as well, since it’s like 100 degrees here in nyc. I don’t play competitively, but I’d like to play twice-three times a week, which would work in well, schedulewise, but is it adviced? Are there any tips people can offer since I’m just starting to design my schedule. Thanks T-Folks.


The answer to your question really lies in your goals. If you want to be a competitive powerlifter, then basketball will not help you acheive those goals. If you want to be big and strong, but also athletic and functional and want to have fun while you train, then go out and play basketball on the off days.

Just be prepared to eat more. Basketball is intense work and has it's own special recovery needs. B-ball is definately not your typical linear easy cardio, so make sure that you eat a good post-workout meal after your games.

play some basketball and have some fun. does it really matter if you play basketball and bench 295 or don’t play basketball and bench 300?

are you actually from the bronx? im from nyc too-i was playing in thompkin’s square park yesterday for a few hours…it was nice but maddd hot

If your want to improve your game, your better off doing athletic workouts and not gym workouts. Plyometrics and speed workouts will help, but if u wanna just do it for fun, then stick with the gym and u better add some carbs to your diet.

Thanks for the replys. ->Screwtape. Yeah, I’m from the bronx. Thompkins is good. Check out rucker’s also, if you get a chance.