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Westside alone

I was wondering how many westsiders out there lift alone. I used to have a partner but he shot himself in the leg and can’t train for months. How do you do your max effort days? Do you just work up to heavy triples or doubles? I’ll be lifting in my garage now and the wife will not be able to lift 400 lbs. off my chest if I get stuck.

Did he seriously shoot himself in the leg?

The power rack will have to become your best friend. You can do most ME movements in there and be okay.

Do you squat in a power rack? if so, you could always move the pins down and put a bench in it for max bench days. Then you can always dump the bar if you miss a lift. I train alone at the moment as well, and use exercises not needing a spotter (eg deadlifts or squats/GMs in the rack) for lower body max effort, but have the same problem as you when benching. The safety bars in the rack don’t go far down enough for me to bench in the rack, so I’d welcome suggestions too!

I lift alone, and I can’t even bench in the power rack because the bench won’t fit ( there is an incline bench station in front and a calve machine in back). I know I’m not getting everything I should out of the ME days, but I’m still making progress.

same problem with the bench no spot. i just do heavy dumbell presses and dump out when i get stuck. i have no other choice

There is a choice. YOu can set up chains to catch the bar in case you miss. On floor press you can usually setup the rack to that the pins are right under the bar at the bottom. pin presses are an option. Dont give up at db presses. be creative. nothing is wrong if it works.

I don’t have a power rack. Just adjustable uprights. I have been successfully using CT’s auto regulatory cluster with 90-95% in place of the true ME work. You never miss, the weight feels heavy enough and you do “strain” on the last rep. I work up for 3 weeks then do High rep DB presses on week 4. The high rep week helps me alot with recovery and mental freshness.

Here’s how we have safty chains set up in the rack that we use. If your rack pins can’t be set-up properly to catch your bench you might try and rig up chains.

Thanks for the replies, guys. All good ideas. I have a power rack so I think I’ll be okay using the pins.

Regarding my training partner, he’s my brother. He’s a cop as well and was cleaning his S.W.A.T. issue Glock 40 cal. and accidentally shot himself in the left calf. Poor bastard has been getting a lot of shit!


Chains.That would solve my problem of board pressing solo. Would you have to include the weight of the chains as well if you were using small support chain types 1/4"?

To some of the others whose pins don’t go far enough down another solution would be to raise your bench up to the correct height using ply sheets or some other material. (Of course you need to make sure that your feet are on the platform too).

Good tips guys. I just started my Westsife training and there aren’t any candidates for training partners who goto the gym the same time as me. Last night was my first max bench night and I only did one single because I hate asking for a spot. I’ll use the power rack fro me days from now on. Thanks

Creed-uh the chains wont be supporting the bar until you drop it or rest it on them. they wont be adding any extra weight.

I like to work out with a partner for the motivation/competition it fosters. But I actually prefer to train alone for the convenience of working out whenever you feel like it and getting throught the workout faster. But that’s why I love t-mag. I can get my motivation from guys like Goldberg and Big Martin and the other helpful and strong ass bastards here!


Don’t think I agree. When you unrack with the chains attached you will be supporting a portion of the chains. But i worked out that for me on a 2 -board press that at most I would be lifting 30 links worth of 6mm chain. Which comes out at a whopping …
750grams worth!!

Shoot me for being pedantic


The chains are not attached to the bar in DPH’s photo. The chains are looped over the top of the rack and fastened together to basically form a circle; so if you drop the bar, the chains catch it.

See growordie.com.

Brian T, Goldberg

My bad. Had a good look at the photo and i an see exactly what you are saying now!