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Westside advice/critque

I am one week into my first 9 week westside phase (i did a half ass 3 week phase prior), and I have a couple of questions for others training ws. Before stats: weight-175, squat-245(technique and inexperience holding me back), bench-215, deadlift-325 age-16. All lifts are raw. My first week went like this:
ME squat/dead
Goodmorning(knees slighty bent, upper body down to parallel) worked up to 200x1 210x1 225xfail
SLDL off blocks 4x8
Dimel deadlift 2x20
straight leg raises: 3x15

ME Bench
2 board press worked up to 225x1
JM press 3x3
lying barbell ext 6x10
straight leg situp 3x10

DE Squat/Dead
8x2 box squat
Speed pulls 50% 8 singles
one leg squat 3x10
A1) Bent over row 5x5
A2) Decline pullover 4x10

DE Bench
Speed Bench 3 grips 60%
Close grip 1 board press worked up to 175x3
Front/side/rear raise complex 3x10

I am thinking about putting my log up here so that my low numbers will motivate me.
How should I incorporate extra Lat work? My upper back is one of my week points, so I want to bring it up. I was thinking about adding a G.P.P/ Lat/ Grip day, but not sure when to do it. I am confused about why my squat is so low, I think it is because I havent squatted heavy, and have mostly worked on my hamstrings. My GM is 85% of my squat, and i can RDL more than i can squat. Any advice would be appreciated.

check out bm’s training log, he does lats all of the time it seems.

Yeah look at BM’s log for ideas you could also try dropping him a pm. Also go over to elitefts to for more advice.

good to see the young guys starting off on the right foot. i didn’t even know what a deadlift was when i was 16, let alone follow westside systems!
Go hard bro, there is a big support network here so use it.
train hard, but train smart.