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Westside + 5x5?


I�??ve been following a program by Jack Reape �??it combines some elements of the Westside Barbell Method and the Sheiko programs- and plan to do so until a meet in December. The program is detailed here


I really liked his approach and have seen some pretty good progress thus far, I think I do best on high volume type programs. I�??d like to have some more practice in gear though. I have an idea for a routine that is not too far from his. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Monday: BP
Bench- 3X5- not to failure
Close grips- 4X6- not to failure
Moderate assistance- upper back, shoulder raises


Tuesday: SQ/DL
Squat- week 1 : triple with suit, straps down; week 2: DE box squat; week 3: triple in suit; week 4: DE box squat
Deadlift- week 1:DE deadlift; Week 2: triple standing on plate; Week 3: DE deadlift; Week 4: triple in suit
Moderate assistance work- hamstrings, abs


Bench- week 1: ME in shirt; week 2: DE bench; week 3: ME in shirt; Week 4: DE bench
Moderate assistance work- upper back, shoulder raises


Saturday: SQ/DL
Squats: 5X5 (http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1206566)
Moderate assistance- hamstrings, abs


Fifth week is basically off except light assistance stuff

If it makes a difference I am a junior in the 275 class (around 260 at the moment). My last meet was in July as a 242 (USAPL meet) I lifted 555(SQ)-385(BP)-540(DL)-1480 total but I think I was kind of off that day since I had done heavier numbers in training and usually am on at meets.
Sorry for the long post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


nice lifting man put the numbers done that u are doing in training how u liking the ipf im a 75kg lifting from australia in the 75s good luck


Looks like a good plan. i like doubles in the squat suit when geared up as technique goes to pot faster in tight high end gear then raw.

Every other week in gear is best for most people.

Expect your 5x5 squat workout after the ME squat to be a bit off.

If you have lockout issues some board work is always called for, raw and/or geared.

Good luck,



This guy is definately a troll, right?


Thanks man! I do like IPF, most of the meets near me have been USAPL (IPF in the states) I haven't had much experience with other feds.

I don't post very frequently but I may start a log after my next meed if anyone is interested.

I was thinking that. I think I may just go up to say 85-90% for a single on weeks 1 and 2- maybe like opener weight, then really hammer it on weeks 3 and 4. I will try your suggestion of doubles and will also try board work.

Thanks for your response. I alway find your articles informative and helpful. Keep up the good work!