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Westide for skinny bastards

This my sound dumb but how many sets do you for the max effort lift. I mean do you do four or 5 sets and then attempt the max lift. and does anyone have an example for me.

Please read the previous threads, even Joe defranco has answered on this!

08:11 PM

Joe- When you say 4-5 sets, working up to a 5 rep max, what % of the max set are the preceding sets? Lets say my max is 200lb bench for 5 reps, what would the 4 other sets be? Thanks.

Joe DeFranco
10:25 PM

New Jersey, USA

I would perform your warm-up sets as follows:
95 X 5
115 X 5
135 X 5
165 X 5
185 X 5
200-205 X 5

It’s important to get a sufficient amount of volume in for your max effort exercise, especially for skinny guys. In other words, DON’T just do 135lbs. then 185lbs. and then max out. The extra volume is key to elicit hypertrophy gains. Remember that it’s not the weight that you start with; it’s the weight that you finish with!

Joe D.

I reread but still do not understand maybe you have an example say my max on bench was 275 for 3 reps. Do not mean to sound dumb.