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Western Union?


Hey guys. I recently got hooked up with a domestic mail order source that only accepts payment through Western Union.

I've never done the whole WU money order thing and was wondering if some of you have some tips for the best way to go about it.

Thanks as always guys


I'm assuming that you trust the source.
(btw I don't like to ass-u-me)
There is not much to it. Go to a place that has WU, it could be a supermaket, deli etc... fill out a form and pay for it. I think they only take cash.
I believe the fee is a precentage of the amount sent.
Good luck with your order.


Just a word of warning:

It seems a little suspicious that he only accepts Wester Union, as this is a very frowned upon method of payment for Ebay and major auction sites. Most of the time they are scammers.

BUT, i guess the sale of AAS is illegal, which is why WU would be good becasue you can't trace it.

Just something to think about....


it's all manipulation. i always buy something small first and expect nothing.


WU and E-Gold are the payment method of choice by most sources I've seen.

What ever you do - don't sign up for the WU program that just came out. It's some sort of frequent user thing that keeps track of who you send money to for 'convenience'. I think it's a trap to be able to record who you send money to and make it easier to arrest either you or the source.

But I could be wrong.


Boy are we gettin paranoid! :slight_smile:

Yes rainjack it is a trap, just to catch YOU!


i know this guy that owns a chain of money lending companies, and to give his customers privacy he actually did not have surveillance, at first.
untill we talked him into it.
you know he was young, and figured he might be violating somebodies privacy and all.


Boy are we gettin paranoid! :slight_smile:

Yes rainjack it is a trap, just to catch YOU!

Not from Texas, are you?


Have you seen those commercials advertising the program I am talking about? I wouldn't join up even if I was sending cash for legit reasons.

Hell - I won't even let the store have my finger print when I write a check.


One other thing. I had read somewhere that you can use a fake name to send money through WU. Anyone know if this is true? Would there be any benefit to doing so?


it took me a whole year and a half to buy some legal steroid back in 1999.
i had the mailing address, i use to look at it and wonder if it was a scam.

hey look, it could be a scam. hell, you may even end up in prison for even possesing some illegal steroid.
it is all up to you, but if it makes you fell any better. "try some Alpha Male" i hear it is the bomb. and i can promise you that this website is not a scam.


Dude, I've used WU about.. I dunno like 15-20 times.. yeah all the money they've charged me has no doubt put a few of the owners' kids through college..

Seriously though, I've used them a lot and I have yet to have any authorities knock on my door.. Wait.. there's some one at my door now...

Oh, nevermind, it was man in a black van filled with a bunch of stolen shit that he says he's selling at 'wholesale price'.. i asked him if I broke an item in half would I get it at halfsale price? He gave me a dirty look and left..

Another close call with WU.. be afraid.. be VERYYYY afraid..

haha, I think I overdosed on Spike, i'm a little looney now..



You don't EVER make sense!!


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Let us know what happens.


western union is a good way to pay as long as you trust the source. you can us a fake name, address etc. (no id needed for transfers of less than a grand)and there is no papertrail.