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Western New York T-Cell...

Hey guys, I was talking with jaytruly and he suggested the formation of a Western New York T-Cell and when he said that I thought “holy shit, why didn’t I notice that before?” So if anybody in the WNY area is willing to starting up a T-Cell then let me know. However, since I have merely a slight idea of what a T-Cell includes any suggestions or support from other people with experience on the topic would be appreciated.

Nobody interested? BTW, this includes Rochester as well.

I don’t live in WNY anymore, but I go back there frequently. I think “dman” is around there, as he works with Don Alessi. Out of curiosity, where do you train?

If there is interest for a WNY T-Cell, count me in.

I’m starting to think that this T-Cell is just gonna be me and Steve. However, I’ll be sure to keep this dman in mind and if I see him around I’ll be sure to talk to him.

I’m in NY but what the hell is a T-Cell. I know its not the one thats in your blood.

Its basically a group of people from the board that live in the same area and get together to grunt and talk training and grunt some more and talk nutrition then do some more grunting and then maybe even some training. I’m guessing that at least simply because nobody in a T-Cell has actually told me what a T-Cell is.

Hey count me in as well. I’m in the Cheektowaga area. It would be great to get together. We should repost this message so it gets put back to the front of the line for those that missed it.

I’m from WNY(family lives in east amherst) I’m away at school, but i would be in for a WNY T-Cell, whatever the hell they are.