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I'm now waiting anxiously for your 2000th post.

I'm into multiples of 1000.


I didn't know you had OCD.


is this a nuthugging thread or a stalker thread?


if it makes you anxious I'll stop posting at 5999 until your head explodes....


This is just wrong.


I like turtles


You're just mad you're 19 posts over 5000.

Nah, I noticed he was at 1999 so in true 4chan fashion I couldn't help but get excited for 2000. Its like how people get excited over birthdays, but with posts.


I wonder when Prof.X crosses 50k...


Posts? Or hamburgers eaten?






I just couldn't refrain from posting any longer. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.


FTW /thread :slightly_smiling:


I was wondering what the hell was going on lol, figured you had work.

We may now resume our regularly scheduled ballbusting.