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Westboro Baptist Loons Mobbed


I know I haven't posted in a long time but I thought some of you guys might enjoy this:

Nice to see these disrespectful lunatics get what they deserve, hopefully not a repost...


It didn't look like they got anything. The police vehicle took a hit though.


The church is very small, and they have plenty of lawyers. They egg people on and sue them to fund the church.

Either kill them all or don't touch them and ignore them completely would be the two viable paths for whatever group it is they're picketing at any given time.


They try and intimidate the families at funerals with the shit they spew. They shouldn't expect to be treated any differently. Clearly a lot more people hate them.

A group of friendly bikers called the "Freedom Riders" show up at a lot of military funerals. They counter these guys pretty well from what I understand.


"Allright, We got a broken window!".

Those bitches.

It would have been nice if the rock was just the opener. A cinder block or molotov would have been good follow up.


I hate these idiots.


Death is better than these fuck nuts deserve.


Unfortunately, these idiots come from Topeka, Kansas, (where I live), and I beleive that their church is here as well.

What saddens me the most is that they bring tiny children with them to spew their hatred.

Hopefully if the stand on enough street corners with their little signs, someone's steering will break, and they will crash into them.


They are more of a family than a church. I think all of the members come from one or two families. Fred Phelps is nothing more than a common criminal and a shyster. I read up on him out of morbid curiosity, just a thief, a con artist, and according to one womans family, a murderer.


There are no words to describe my hatred of these people. May they die in a fire.


A couple of rocks. A couple of molotovs. Problem solved.


All those supposed Baptist fucking do is stand around with signs and holler about Homosexuals and for that you people want them dead at the hands of a mob? Thats hilarious. Its also a little puzzling.

I don't remember mobs like that showing up and calling for death by fire when Muslims gather and call for violence, which they have proven more than eager to carry out. I don't remember mobs like that showing up, and breaking windows and calling for blood when La Raza gathers and proclaims their intent to take over the southwest in the name of Mexico.

Yet get some weak scrawny men and women standing around together holding signs saying mean things about homosexuals and here you come. Ready to get it on. YEA!!! You are my mother-fucking heros.

That mob you saw should be demonstrating outside one of our elementary schools or INS offices or TV stations. Those places are where the real battles lie...but those are hard targets, plus the beautiful people on TV aren't down with that action. No. Lets go after the 15 or 20 so called Baptist who hate gays. Their the ones that pose the immediate threat.



You think these guys are bad? Hundreds have died at the hands of the "Church of Scientology".

And let's not get into their other activities beside murder. Such things include: extortion, fraud, fraud, and more fraud. Treason against various States worldwide (unsuccessful hit against Knig of Morrocco.), tax evasion (they have a long history with the IRS), and they also infiltrated a bunch of FBI offices and started messing around with intelligence (National Security Breach anyone?).

Medical Fraud (practicing medicine without licenses or ANY training)

And the list goes on and on.....

So you still think the people with signs yelling stupid things at passers by are bad?


I think some of you guys are giving them exactly what they want, attention. Don't do it.


They picket soldier's funerals.

Get your shit straight.


I dont know about all of this.

This group is classified as a hate group and what they seem to do definitely deserves an ass beating.

Hypothetically speaking, if anyone shows up to my brother's funeral, where he died in combat, carrying signs like these people have, I guarantee I will give them the boot.


They are going no where, been here in Topeka since I was in grade school havent got much larger aside from having their aweful ability to reproduce. Numerous attempts have been taken at them cars etc..

Its best to ignore them. They are media seeking loons. Yes they are chucked full of lawyers Fred Phelps the leader/pasture is one all is daughters are and many others.

Have a nice little compound a city block of houses with a comunity fence around it etc..

Word has it they juat had a documentary movie come out his week on them some student at Kansas University followed them for a year.

Just little tid bits thought you may like.



But there's hope.
Check this out:

*During a March 26, 1993 protest at Topeka's Vintage Restaurant, a riot broke out and eight WBC members were hospitalized for various minor injuries; WBC now pickets the restaurant every day, as well as the places of business where employees went after leaving the Vintage in an attempt to escape Westboro. In addition, the congregants hold a memorial service every year on the 26th, commemorating what they refer to as "the Vintage Massacre."[citation needed]

*In 1994, a woman tried to run down protesters in Topeka after one of them screamed obscenities at her while her pick-up truck was parked at a stop light. She was arrested, but was later found not guilty due to temporary insanity.

*In 2003, WBC member Charles Hockenbarger, who was in his 70s at the time, had his face crushed in a beating after standing on a street corner holding a sign reading "THANK GOD FOR SEPT. 11". Hockenbarger was recovering from open heart surgery at the time and ignoring the usual doctor's orders for bed rest. Westboro posted photos of the aftermath of the attack on its homepage, claiming that the (still unidentified) perpetrator was a homosexual and that the attack had been part of a murder conspiracy to kill Hockenbarger, though offering no proof of these allegations.

*During a protest at the 2005 presidential inauguration of George W. Bush, WBC protesters were slapped, kicked and had their signs forcefully taken by other protesters.

*There have been differing reports on actions at an October 5, 2005, picket of a Wisconsin soldier's funeral. One report was that Sheriff Todd Nehls asked Paulette Phelps to move so he could protect her. Her group called him a Nazi and refused to comply. A conflicting claim put forth by members of the WBC alleges that Sheriff Nehls punched Paulette Phelps in the face. Video of the purported incident at godhatesfags.com ? which claims to show Nehls striking one of the church members ? is ambiguous, and at the point the purported attack takes place, the camera is pointed at the ground (indeed, large portions of the video are made up of shots of Westboro members' feet and the ground).[28]

*During a picket in Seaford, Delaware on May 21, 2006, a mob broke through police lines and tried to assault WBC members who fled into a police van. Some of the mob then began banging on the van attempting to get inside. Two windows of the van were shattered before the van could get away. Five people face criminal charges.[29]

*In 2002 Blue Valley North High School held productions of The Laramie Project play. Westboro members made it known that they were coming to picket the school. To their surprise many students cut class to meet the picketers and a small riot ensued with a few instances of car vandalism. The school later made tickets to the shows "buy ahead" in order to keep Westboro members from interrupting the play. Subsequently Phelps' website start declaring that "God Hates Blue Valley North" and proceeded to picket every year's graduation ceremony following the event.