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Westboro Baptist Church


Wow. I cannot believe these people are still at it.


These ignorant people will always be at it. They are a sickness


Obviously a fair representation of the average Christian, lets bomb them to smithereens.



Orion Ive been pretty quick to admit to crimes and foolish actions of Christians when someone brings them up but you saying this represents the average Christian is ridiculous. I think you know that but your hatred is clouding what you truly know. Thats like me saying that the average Muslim wants to bomb the U.S or kill me for my beliefs. That would be ignorant and I know better than to come up with accusations. Westboro Baptists should not have a title of a Christian. They are in the same category as the Al-Qaeda. Out of curiosity, have you ever had the opportunity to talk with an actual Christian or hear someone preach in person? Would you say that they resemble this church?


spoken like a true Afghan Taliban. Nice to see you converted, Orion.


Is that so?


Yes. I will explain but first answer my question. Do you truly believe the average Christian have the same views as them?


Of course.

It is absolutely acceptable to take extreme outliers of any given group to justify violence against all of them.


Of course.

It is absolutely acceptable to take extreme outliers of any given group to justify violence against all of them.

Then you either have misread the bible and focused on events in the OT(which happens often to those who nick pick at the bible) or you have been shown or taught a horrible and twisted form of Christianity. Either way I apologize. There are absolutely those out there who do have that view point so please dont think Im saying that.

Now as far as me believing that most Muslims are out to do harm to me or someone that doesnt agree with them, no I dont. First off, Ive read the Quran. By no means do I understand it all(I dont even understand everything in the Bible) but can understand how one can be misinformed by it if they are not taught how to read it correctly. I have visited a couple of mosques and have made several good friends by doing so. They have asked me questions and I have asked them. A couple of yrs ago, I volunteered to go with a group of firefighters, doctors, and others to a remote place in north Africa to help build and aid a couple of villages. While there, I witnessed a Muslim man being shot because he wouldnt answer truthfully, to a group of Muslim extremists, if there were Christians in the area. So yes out of those experiences, I believe what I said.



Someone's sarcasm detector is malfunctioning.


You didn't know they were still at it? I hold dog shit in higher esteem. These people make a mockery of faith, when the bell tolls, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near them, just in case. And if they are right, I prefer to be wrong.


Orion you have been posting here for a while but I've noticed recently that you've started being funny. What's happened? Keep it up.


I think there is a little truth in that jest :slightly_smiling:


Little tidbit about the Westboro Baptists. They found a politician they liked back in the day and held a fundraiser for him --- his earliest supporters. Guess who it is?


2nd Timothy 2:24-26 NASB

I have required reminding a couple times myself, but these people are an affront to the very grace they claim to preach. Nobody who has tasted the mercy of the most high God could look down their noses at ANYBODY like these pharisees do. There's godly ways to call sinners to repentance. These self righteous clods haven't learned any of them.


There are two acceptable responses to these individuals: ignore them completely, or kill them.

Of course, anyone who does kill them should go to jail. However, I would fully support their decision.


Killing them goes a little far IMO , but a good old fashioned ass whoopin is in order :slight_smile:


Anonymous is doing some good shit these days. Crossing lines here and there too, but anything to fuck with these inbred tards or the Scientologists is alright with me.