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West Side Training

Please dont laugh to much over this question as i have just found this web-site by chance and it seems a dream come true must questions i’ve always wanted to be asked have been answered from previous issues and from the forum. however intrested to know what west side training is and how i can find info on it? any help and advise would be much appriciated thanks steve.

Go read all the articles by Dave Tate at T-mag. He’s a Westsider and everything he writes about is Westside’s philosophy. There are some links in those articles to his site, I think.

steve, go to deepsquatter, go to the archives section, and read all the articals by louie simmons and dave tate. that should give you a good idea of what the westside system is all about. if you still have questions, you can ask dave tate at his website (there is a link on the deepsquatter page).

I think Dave Tate’s article “Periodization Bible-part 2” on this site pretty much explains it. Also, Dave’s site(elitefitnesssystems.com) has a Q&A section.

you can also try dave’s elitefitnesssystems page. in the articles sections it has links to all of his articles he has written for t-mag, deepsquatter, and other online mags.